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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

'cause you keep me coming back for more and I feel a little better than I did before if I never see your face again I don't mind

Just a random day...

Oh, yeah...I have peanut butter cup brownies for me and the boy!! To totally replace the ones I stupidly dropped on the kitchen floor yesterday. Boo... Anyway...we have brownies for us to eat today. Yays!! I heart brownies!!

Hooray for revising policy!! Too bad it's only for a select few...big families can be fun... Besides, not everyone wants children... Also, on a semi-related note: in a cool, but definitely not cool way...a wedding photographer caught the May 23, 2008 earthquake on camera.

"Despite having a title long enough to fill up the Wii's memory on its own, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King is harder to quit than crack cocaine and a real bargain at $15." -- this one sentence alone makes reading (okay, well skimming in my case) the whole article worth it...since reading anything about video games tends to bore me...

Ugh...this is disgusting. How can people do things like that? They're supposed to be working as humanitarian aid workers and UN peacekeepers...not as monsters oops, I mean molesters.

Woo woo!! New record!! Yeah...umm...not the kind of record that people want to be seeing set...

For your enjoyment from Overheard in New York...

Some Headlines Write Themselves.
Guy: Snowboarding is better than skiing.
Girl: Yeah, I don't think I would like skiing. I'm just not good at the whole keeping-my-legs-together thing.
-- 42st Station

The King of Terrors? I Beg to Differ
Mother, to twelve-year-old daughter: Megan! Get back here!
Four-year-old boy: Mommy, Megan is trying to cross the street cuz she hates you.
Mother, bitterly: No, Megan is trying to cross the street because she wants to get hit by a car.
Four-year-old: If you get hit by a car you'd be dead, then you have to go to the hospital.
Mother, despondent: I don't think you even understand death.
-- Broadway

Now Here's a Tissue. You're About to Sneeze
Brunette: I really need to have sex.
Blonde: Well you better do it soon because you're getting your period on Wednesday.
[long pause.]
Brunette: We spend too much time together.
-- 1 Train

You Also Said That About Plastic Sporks
Four-year-old #1: Do you know who Slash is?
Four-year-old #2: Nope. What is it?
Four-year-old #1: He is from the Guns and the Roses.
Four-year-old #2: What's that?
Four-year-old #1: It's dangerous.
-- World Financial Center

We Can Drunk-Dial Daddy at Work!
[Mother and four-year-old boy walking past liquor store]
Mom: So we have to go to Duane Reade and... Oooh! Let's get some wine.
Boy: Yeah!
-- 115th & Broadway

Even If I Am a Cop
Tourist husband with camera: We could ask him. [Points to black man.]
Tourist wife: No, I don't think thats a good idea.
Black man: Listen to your woman, I woulda taken that s*** and run!
-- Times Square

...and one from Overheard in the Office...

11AM And It Took Him Three Days to Get Over It
First-grade teacher: CHARLES! Give me those! Those are NAILS! Nails are unsafe and do not belong in your hands.
Student: Pshhh, unless you're JESUS!
-- New York, New York

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