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Saturday, May 10, 2008

is it wrong holding in on too much to my best friend my faded lover who knows Cinderella hope & it's all because he made me laugh coincidence or fate

The daily horoscope from Cosmo says:
Libra - Romantic Venus says that it's a lovely day to get closer to a guy you're smitten with. Invite him for coffee or get cozy on a picnic blanket.
Umm...yeah...I think that would require said guy to even talk to me, which he currently isn't really doing. So I'm not quite sure how taking him and the 12 y/o brother to get haircuts today is going to work...

But anyway...I'm I'm going to look for something to eat...seeing how it's not even 10:30a yet, I can't call the boy to see if he's talking to me and ask if he wants to get food. Besides, the 12 y/o isn't home yet from his I guess when he gets home I'll just have him call the boy for their beauty date (ha, I'm sure they both love me calling it that) and then he and I will go pick up the boy and head over to Lady Jane's for their hair cuts. Now that I am distracted and still hungry...I'm going to get ready for the day...

And now for some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Would It Be Feasible for Me to Throw Myself in Front Of My Own Train?
Conductor: This is a Manhattan-bound number three train; next stop is Sutter avenue-Rutland road; stand clear of the closing doors please.
[Doors close and open again.]
Conductor: Please do not block the doors, stand clear, please.
[Doors close and open again.]
Conductor: Do not block the doors. Stand clear, please.
[Doors close and open again.]
Conductor: For the last motherf***ing time, do not block the f***ing doors! I know you ghetto-a** niggas don't care about school, but some people want to get the f*** to work! Stand clear!
[Doors close and open again.]
Conductor: I can't f***ing take this s***.
-- 3 Train

This Actually Makes Me Want to Have Kids
Eight-year-old brother speaking to four year old brother in high pitched witches voice: First I'll burn you to a black crisp in a huge oven, then I'll start with your flesh...
Four-year-old: What will it taste like?
Eight-year-old brother, without pausing: It will taste like a delicious steak, then I'll eat your teeth and they'll taste like crackers! But your hair, your hair will be completely burned off.
Four-year-old: [Giggles maniacally.]
-- C Train

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