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Friday, May 23, 2008

oh and it's panic when I'm left oh is it healthy that we met the fears start coming when I forget I always panic

The daily horoscope from Cosmo says:
Libra - Single? Say yes to a drink after work. Matchmaker Venus says that you might click with a guy you meet at happy hour. Attached? You like a 50-50 relationship. Take him for a meal he'll appreciate (meat and potatoes) and he'll satisfy one of your naughty fantasies when you get home.
Hahahaha!!! Yeah, right...doesn't that require him to talk to me first? Obviously, things didn't end so well last night for us. But whatever...I give up... At least I keep telling myself that...but it doesn't seem to be happening, does it?

::sigh:: I keep getting more and more superstitious about things that have to do with our relationship. I realize it's just coincidence, but just sucks that I'll do something that finally gets things back to "normal" and then something awful happens again. I'm just ready to leave things in an indefinite state of unsure...and say 'f*** it.' But that's really not how I feel.

Ugh...I'm attempting to register for my fall classes and I so cannot figure out what to do. I don't want to take Calc II until the boy is taking it and can help me because I sucked at Calc I. I'm thinking about having my transcripts sent a second time just so that I don't have to retake stats...even though I barely passed it. Yes, I know a C is way better than "barely passing." But not in my mind. I'm super hard on myself...I expect perfection. Not so much of others, just of me. ::sigh:: But at least my major is thing out of my way.

Oh, and I didn't really get lost this time. But I am so taking someone with me the next time that I have to go there. Seriously...I need to have some assistance. Only a couple of wrong turns...honestly, it was only two wrong turns today as opposed to the too-many-to-count yesterday that I took.

And now for some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Your Editors Suggest You Read Overheard in New York With a Friend
Hipster: Why are you playing Tetris when you have me to talk to?
Friend, still playing: Shhhh.
Hipster: [Closes friend's phone.]
Friend, looking up: Things like that break up friendships.
-- Broadway & Lafayette

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