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Saturday, June 21, 2008

our memories well they can be inviting but some are altogether mighty frightening as we die both you and I with my head in my hands I sit and cry

And the Cosmo horoscope for today says...
Libra - Single? If you get caught ogling a hottie today, don't look away. Your charming-yet-ballsy action should intrigue him. Attached? Lightly grazing your fingers along your collarbone, or running them through your hair, gets him all riled up tonight.
Don't ya kinda have to see the guy for that to work? Because from what he was saying last night, I got the impression that I wouldn't be seeing him today.

A pregnancy pact at a high school in small-town Massachusetts...birth control for girls as young as 11 y/o...just what is going on in the world?

Holy crap...Feds raid Dearborn City Hall...eep!!

Ewewew!! That sounds so disgusting...a skunk climbs aboard a passenger jet...

And now some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Nature: 1 Nurture: 0
Little boy #1: You remember we don't like girls, right? I don't like girls.
Little boy #2: Yeah, but you should have worn your dinosaur shirt. They're very in today.

Nature: 2 Nurture: 0
Little boy #1: You're afraid to talk to girls!
Little boy #2 (very solemnly): Because they're monsters.
-- 56th & 8th

But anyway...things with the boy seem to be going so well, don't they? When I really and truly am okay with the situation and not complaining about it, he thinks that I am and gets upset with me...and when I am complaining about the situation he gets upset with me... So I feel like I can't win because I tried to stay out of his way and make the best of the crappy situation and he still got upset with me. Maybe we would be better off just leaving one another alone...? ::sigh::

Retail therapy, anyone?

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