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Monday, June 16, 2008

but you bend you're bending my mind and you try and you try I can see inside and suffocate and smother me covered so I can't breathe

Today, I had to watch the girls during the's now the summer, so I watch them during the day and for more hours. But it means that I have to get up earlier than I'm currently used to. of this moment I have a headache...and it's been made worse by insufficient amount of sleep and lack of food. I ate something, well a few somethings, and took some ibuprofen, but I still don't feel any better...

But anyway...while watching the girls, I was bored and read their mom's O, the Oprah magazine. And today I learned quite a few interesting things.
.:. The first of which being: the Oprah magazine, not as lame as I had thought it was going to be. It's still totally a magazine for women over the age of 30 though...and I am not there yet.
.:. I also discovered that there is a need for this type of product (and that an older lady was the one to be the guinea pig)... But hey!, then everyone has matching curtains/carpet no need to worry about grays...
.:. and then I read something about helicopter parenting...but since the July 2008 issue of the magazine isn't on the site yet, I can't find the article. But there were some ridiculously, crazy things mentioned in it...and not just things that had been done by the parents.

See...just one more reason to give up the CrackBlackBerry... But, hey!, they mention Royal Oak Beaumont...I pass that, like, every day.

Astronomers...blah blah blah...because that's all I read of it before I thought, "I'm bored with this...but the boy'll like it!!"

16 year old girl gets struck by lightning and then wins lottery...of course! Why wouldn't she win the lottery after being struck by lightning?

Just from watching Paula's Home Cooking and Paula's Party, I can totally picture Paula Deen standing in front of her restaurant in her robe and slippers. Unfortunately, the restaurant was on fire that's why she outside of it.

Seriously now, c' cheering at graduation ceremonies or those who cheer will be arrested? That is just overkill.

A lack of tolerance is...well, I don't know what to say other than: stupid. Since CA is legalizing same-sex marriages, one county is halting all marriages. But at least there is one happy couple setting off the marriage trend in San Francisco, CA (even if they are quite possibly the oldest!).

What a crazy, psycho b****!?! She branded (like you would livestock!!) a man that she had a one night stand with because, like most any other guy, he didn't call her again. And then there's this weirdo...going around sniffing women's underarms. least, he attempted to show up...that's gotta count for something? Crazy guy...risking dehydration and an arrest warrant...

And lastly, some enjoyment from Overheard in New York...

But Not As Much As Its Bastard Cousin, The Foreseeable Future
Mother pleading with squirmy four-year-old son in tight jacket: Just keep it on for the time being.
Son: I hate the time being.
-- Christmas Mass, St Patrick's

Judging from Her Internet Viewing Habits
Girl toddler (pointing at shop window): Mommy! Mommy!
Nanny (looking at busty, naked, corset-clad mannequin in sex shop window): That's not your mommy. But she wishes it were.
-- Christopher Street, West Village head, I'm going to go lie down or something... Y'know, before I vomit from the migraine pain...

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