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Friday, June 27, 2008

and I can't stop thinking about you and I can't stop thinking about you you never call what do I do and I can't stop thinking about your love

Yay, yay, yay!!! WALL-E comes out today! Here's something about the voices of WALL-E and something about WALL-E in general. Oh, yeah! and here's a review of the movie (from the AP)...but I didn't really read the review, since the movie looks cute and it's from Pixar, so how bad can it really be? And...not related (other than the fact that it, too, comes out today), but I want to see Wanted, here are two reviews of it (one from Variety and one from the AP). Also not related, but still a movie that I want to see, The Dark Knight, which comes out in a couple of weeks (specifically July 18th), featuring a crazier Joker than the one previously played Jack Nicholson.

Aww...animals are cute!! Okay, well...a couple on the countdown are not cute, but the Top 10 Animal Cheats [as determined by Animal Planet] is interesting. other animal news, this little puppy was mentioned on channel 955 yesterday morning. Poor family...seriously though, how do you go about explaining something like that to a two-year-old?

So...the laid-off cop that chased the hit-and-run driver, is receiving a commendation...

Seriously, why don't people just get someone else to drive for them? Then things like this would happen...MI man sentenced to 43 years for a wrong-way crash that killed five on stretch of OH I-75...

And this is just weird...I'm sure the men who partook in the "fun" on the bus didn't find it weird, but still...a "brothel bus"?

Detroit is #74 on the list of 100 Sweatiest Cities...and two other cities in Michigan made it onto the list, but since they're not near me, I don't care to mention them.

Soo...I was bored and decided to do this quiz when the link was on my iGoogle page...but I'm not so sure that the results bode that well for the boy...

Quiz: What Kind of Guy Is He Really?

The Mama's Boy
He's sensitive and sweet, and he lets you do whatever you want... to the point where you want to scream. You feel bad taking him for granted -- after all, he's totally attentive and lets you take the lead in your relationship -- but sometimes you wish he would take a stand; plan a date; do his own dishes. Plus, it's no fun having every move you make approved by Mom. You hope that the longer you're dating, the less he'll need her input. Besides, eventually you'll be the number one woman in his eyes, right?

Hang on to him if: His mom is an awesome lady and she realizes that you're an awesome lady too.

Ditch him now if: His mom still does his laundry.

What do ya think? It pretty much says ditch him...poor guy...

And now, pretty much because what comes out of the mouths of children is funny, for some amusement from Overheard in New York...

It Was the Maple Syrup That Pushed Josh Over the Edge
Dad, to four-year-old son: That's great, send you off to school all jacked-up on chocolate chip pancakes.
Four-year-old: Jack up! Jack up! Jack off!
-- SoHo Breakfast Cafe

I'm Sure a Hobo Has One Out Somewhere in the Store
Five-year-old boy to mother: It smells like penis in here!
Embarrassed mother: "Peanuts". Honey, you mean "peanuts".
Five-year-old boy: No. Penis! (points to his crotch)
-- Duane Reade in Penn Station

Work with Your Classmates? What the Hell Kind of Exam Is This?
Professor: So as I've said the exam will be open book, and you can work with your classmates.
Student: Is it open book?
Professor: Ahhhh... I'm tired, and I need a martini.
-- NYU Classroom

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