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Monday, June 9, 2008

I need serenity in a place where I can hide I need serenity nothing changes days go by haven't exactly done the anything with the current attempt mentioned in the previous post, but yeah... Things still aren't getting better...but...not exactly getting worse either. So that's good...right?

Anyway...yesterday between the two of us we spent way too much money. He bought a new Xbox 360 and Grand Theft Auto 4 and I bought a new notebook computer (Sony VAIO).

The trip to buy his Xbox 360 was an adventure...we walked into Toys 'R Us just as the lights were flashing on/off due to power outages. He told the guy working there something along the lines of, 'I'm the idiot that wants to buy video games during a storm.' But then due to the tornado warning, the Toys 'R Us staff asked that nobody leave and move to the back corner of the store (where the bathrooms are) and pretty much held us hostage for about 15-20 minutes. So that way, they couldn't be held liable for our safety should someone decide to leave and then get seriously hurt, or worse, and decide to sue them.

Buying my computer, not so adventurous...we bought that first. And were done with that trip while it was still sunny. So, big deal.

Saturday afternoon, was the boy's graduation ceremony for his bachelor's degree. He was so excited to be was pretty cute to see him excited. Some things about the way his school ran the ceremony were weird, but overall it wasn't so bad...I just hate going to graduation ceremonies. Probably has something to do with attending the high school grad ceremony all four years I was in high school.

Friday night is my graduation of this moment, I'm about 90-95% sure that I'm going to attend it. I have until Thursday to get my cap and gown. school really lets us graduates have until the last minute to decide (actually it's due to the fact that they let people apply for graduation up until the day before the ceremony).

Still no power for about 135000 DTE customers
...that sucks big time. I don't think our power ever went out. Actually, I'm certain our power never went out because I didn't have to reset my clock...and that clock is so stupid, if the power just flickers, the clock resets and flashes "12:00 AM."

Okay...shower time!! I have stuff to do today!!

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