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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

hey...come on try a little nothing is forever there's got to be something better than in the middle but me and Cinderella we put it all together

Grrrr!!! I seriously cannot stand how my mother expects me to just stay here or whatever when both her and my stepfather leave for the youngest child's baseball game and the other younger one has two friends over. My head f***ing hurts and I have stuff to do that I didn't do yesterday because I was being lazy. I'm not the hired help!! Pay me, and maybe I'll be more willing to do the crap you pile on me. ::sigh::

Plus, it's obvious that I'm eating dinner here, at home, and yet, somebody will make dinner, but nobody will tell me that there is any and then it's all gone before I get any. Isn't that nice of them? So...I'm supposed to be saving my money to help pay for school (because the way that my mom was talking to/at me the other day she kinda made it seem like she doesn't plan on helping much, if at all), yet at the same time I'm supposed to be feeding myself dinner pretty much every day (which could get pricey since it kinda entails eating out every day due to the fact that there isn't much in the house for making meals-for-one). ::sigh::

Oh, yeah...and my a**hole stepfather seems to think that at 22 years old (nearly 23 y/o) I should have a curfew but that my 20 y/o (he's technically 19 y/o, but his birthday is tomorrow) brother doesn't really need to follow the same rules. For some reason, I have to be home by 12:30a on weekdays and 3:00a on weekends and cannot stay out all night for any reason (it doesn't even matter if I'm at my dad's house or honestly staying at a female friend's house). Yet, (and this makes so much sense) the irresponsible 20 y/o is allowed to stay out all night just so long as he calls to let the parental units know before midnight. Are you f***ing kidding me? I'm more responsible than he is and have never given them some serious reason to worry (at least, not that I can remember)...but more importantly for my argument that I should be allowed to stay out all night, is that I'm engaged! That means, I'm getting that guy who keeps coming over here every week and taking me out (not necessarily on actual dates because to be honest, I don't think we've had one of those in ages) and has been for the last two-and-a-half years? Yeah, him...not going away any time soon. ::sigh:: So as far as I can deduct from what I know of the facts, the only reason for the difference in rule-sets is: the 20 y/o has a penis. Hooray for double standards.

But anyway, here's what I had started this post for...

Oh, yay! My favorite event of the summer...the Woodward Dream Cruise. Anyway...a bunch of new stuff is planned for it this year.

Umm, I guess police officers don't stop being police officers just 'cause they no longer have a badge? Laid-off officer chases hit-and-run suspect...and catches him. Too bad it doesn't really have a happy ending...

***Spoiler Alert***

Fiona in Baltimore: Hey, do you know anything about this show Hopkins? It's set in my hometown so I'm intrigued. Is it any good?
It's great. It's a documentary/reality show set at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, and I'm not ashamed to admit that the first episode made me cry more than once. It's an unscripted version of ER or Grey's Anatomy, and just like on those shows, a carefully selected ballad over a scene of vulnerability or pain will rip your heart out. Also, it's distressing (but fascinating) to see "real" people suffer through medical crises that are fictionalized and therefore consequence-free on other shows. Internal bleeding on ER? No problemo—sure it's a medical crisis, but Neela will save the day. Internal bleeding on Hopkins? Holy crap, can Dr. Mustafa save the day?

April in San Francisco: I know I shouldn't even be watching it, but can you please give us some more Gossip Girl dish?
Good news: Serena and Dan are hooking up in episode two. Hurrah! Bad news: They so are not long for this world. (Wah-wah.) Meanwhile, Nate's dad continues to be a schmuck, and Nate continues to be the man of the family. And I'm also hearing that the boy Blair uses in a blatant attempt to make Chuck jealous is hot, and will do the trick!

Louisa in Dallas: I'm dying without Supernatural!
Well, rise from your deathbed, sweetie, and come back to the world of the living, just like Dean and Lazarus! The title of Supernatural's season-four premiere is "Lazarus Rising," and according to my bible, Lazarus is that guy Jesus raised from the dead. Methinks this one's about Dean coming back from hell. Yay!

Bobbie in Brisbane, Calif.: Any dish on my fave new show of last season, Samantha Who??
She's going to maximum-security prison! Or...she might need to do some community service. This all goes down after a high-speed chase, and my money is on the charity option. You?

courtesy of E! online's Watch with Kristin

Some more on Samantha Who? and Gossip Girl (courtesy of E! online's Watch with Kristin)

That Hopkins show sounds interesting...I want to see it!! More about it from the Baltimore Sun.

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