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Friday, June 20, 2008

and the best of your days will vanish in the haze when you're on drugs and you wish you could quit 'cause you're really sick of it but you're on drugs

Today's Cosmo horoscope says:
Libra - Venus shines her love light on you today. Invite someone you care for to share the glow.
What the hell is that crap? Seriously...

Anyway...I'm bored now. I should go get in the shower so that I can go to WSU and get my stuff done there (make an appointment with the financial aid people, possibly get my OneCard).

Grrr...WSU annoyed me a lot yesterday. Because apparently you can't call and make an appointment in the Office of Student Financial also can't email to make an appointment. The only way to make an appointment is to go down there and make the appointment in person. How ridiculous is that? It's so inefficient. Plus, I had to be on hold for like 15 minutes just to find that out and then the lady I was on the phone with hung up on me! Since I didn't feel like calling back and being on hold for another 15 minutes or so just to complain about that, I figured that I would just complain about when I was in the building today. ::sigh::

The strange science of summer...

People are weird...this woman thought she could hide 2.2 pounds of coke in her wig...and this woman claims to have a phobia of official looking letters...

Oh!, oh! Free slice of Cold Stone Birthday cake and free samples of their new smoothies to celebrate Cold Stone's 20th birthday (at Michigan locations) go get some any time between 4:00 and 8:00p!! It's yummy...and you know you want to...

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