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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ooo this is an S.O.S. don't wanna second guess this is the bottom line it's true I gave my all for you now my hearts in two and I can't find the other

I decided on posting two entries, one with all of the random stuff that I wanted to put that amused me...and one that was my thoughts...obviously, this is the one that has all the randomness in it...

We so totally need to implement something similar here in the United States...way to go, Japan!! Maybe my neighbor will stop driving over the curb...

Umm...yeah...way to set an example for your son!!

Since when is healthy food a "cruel and inhumane" punishment? MI it has been since 1988...and it may soon be in VT...

Hey, time you think about a life of crime, make sure you're old enough to drive and have your own getaway vehicle...'kay?

So...apparently...two years was two years too long... (from this post)

Nice guys finish last...first?

Umm...really, can Gibson sue Wal-mart and five other retailers for selling "Guitar Hero"?

Now you're you're not!!

Oo-oo-oo!! A whole thingy with the cast of Gossip Girl!!

***Spoiler Alert***

Dina in Lake Charles, La.: Any scoopage on my dear Samantha Who?
Jerry O'Connell is guest starring as Craig in the Samantha Who? episode shooting next week. He plays a man Samantha (Christina Applegate) literally meets on the street and asks out on a date to accompany her to ex-boyfriend Todd's (Barry Watson) art gallery show. She's pretty much doing this to make Todd jealous. Oh, and did I mention the nude photos of Sam? No. OK, then, here you go: There are nude photos of Sam.

Annie in Sandpoint, Idaho: Anything on Gossip Girl?
Look for a good-looking dog walker named Asher to charm his way into little Jenny's life. I'm hearing he scores major points with dad Rufus, too!

Leslie in Chicago: Do you know anything about Lindsay's dad and/or her new love interest on Women's Murder Club?
Lindsay and her dad, Marty (played by Gerald McRaney, yay!), haven't spoken for six years. Lindsay thinks that back in the day her dad was a dirty cop. She thinks he's a nogoodnik and wants nothing to do with him, but he swears his sudden reappearance in her life is not because he's messing with her current investigation but because he's protecting her from powerful people who think she's a bit too successful for her own good.

Spoilers courtesy of E! Online's Watch with Kristin.

Here's something for your amusement from Overheard in New York...

I Hear If You Don't Have Sex for Two Years, You Become a Virgin Again, Too
Girl #1: Why does she seem so nasty and stressed all the time?
Girl #2: Well, I think it's because she's a lesbian by default.
Girl #1: A what?
Girl #2: A lesbian by default. She's such a b**** that guys don't want anything to do with her.
-- Manhattan Lounge

'Cause If It Is, I've Got Plans!
College intern hitting friend with magic wand: Naked B**** with big t**ties.
Little kid: Is that a real magic wand?!
-- FAO Schwartz

You Try to Steal Mommy's Thunder, You Get Struck by Lightning
Little girl: Look, Mommy, it's a butterfly. Why do they call it a 'butterfly'? Because it looks like a fly?
Little boy: It's because it looks like butter and it flies, right, Mommy?
Mommy: Wrong.
-- Pitt & Delancey

Look, Let's Just Get a Coathanger. They're Like 50 Cents, and Then We Can Splurge on a Nice Dinner.
Girlfriend: Oh, by the way, we have to return those things to Macy's.
Boyfriend: Why?
Girlfriend: Because I need to buy maternity clothes!
Boyfriend: Or we could buy me an airplane ticket, because I'm leaving you.
-- F train, Jay St

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