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Monday, March 3, 2008

you’re such a flirt I know you hurt and so do I I empathize I see you out you never cared a conversation that we never shared

Woohoo!! A week of being painstakingly avoided at all cost!! Yeah, I don't think it's much of an accomplishment either...but I'm guessing that crabby-pants does. At least he must since he's continuing to go on with his quest to ignore and avoid me. So...there's that update.

I applied to Wayne 4-6 weeks approximately, I'll know whether or not they've accepted me. So now I have to pay the boy back the $30 application fee...since the stupid people WSU uses for online payment doesn't accept VISA. Seriously now, who doesn't accept VISA? So I had to borrow his MasterCard to pay online. I wasn't going to mail a check to pay...why make it take even longer for them to process my application? They don't even process an application until they get the application fee. I just have to get my mother to help me fill out my stupid FAFSA form(s)... ::sigh:: That's going to be a headache... Stupid federal government says that until I'm 24 years of age, I am a dependent. Grrr... So that means...I have to have my parents (the ones that claim me on their taxes), fill out the stupid FAFSA forms on the parental side for me. ::sigh::

Compelling reasons not to spank your toddler...s/he'll grow up to be like this...

Since Daylight Savings Time does not work...does that mean we can get rid of it and not have to set our clocks ahead next weekend?

Umm...those anger management classes are doing wonders for him...

So, umm...a whole new meaning to stabbing your older brother in the back? And that wasn't meant to be funny...just so ya know...'s just a haircut, who suspends a six-year-old for a haircut?

And now for some amusement from Overheard in New York...

We're Too Weird to Be Racist
White man to another: Before he shows up, you should probably know this guy's a top 100 digger.
Black man: What'd you call me?!
White man: Uh, I just said...We're nerds. It means we're nerds.
-- Starbucks, Astor Pl

Birds of a Feather...
Guy #1: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Guy #2: That's hard, man. I've never been good at science.
Guy #3: Me neither.
-- 6th Ave

Shortest Law & Order Episode Ever
Bag lady: Please, can someone help me? Call 911...
Cop: You're talking to a godd*** cop! Are you f***ing retarded?
-- Times Square

Whereas I've Had to Wait Weeks for My Crochet Supplies
Big thug #1: ... And I was like, 'No f***in' way.'
Big thug #2: Yeah, nigga. That s*** is like magic.
Big thug #1: I know, nigga. I did it. I went home and I ordered the new Harry Potter from Amazon. That s*** came the next day. It was like magic.
-- 14th & 6th

D***, I Knew I Should've Pulled Out... Something Else
Hobo: Excuse me, do you have some change so I can buy some dinner?
Girl: Sorry, I don't carry cash.
Hobo: I bet you'd have some cash if I pulled out my 9mm [makes fake gun with his hand].
Girl, nonplussed: No, I really wouldn't.
-- 14th & 3rd

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