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Monday, March 31, 2008

so we keep waiting waiting on the world to change we keep on waiting waiting on the world to change

Ugh...I'm nearly crying my back is so sore... I went to go buy those ThermaCare™ heatwraps for my lower back...yeah, umm...the back ones are made to fit women's pants sizes 4 up to 20. I barely fit into a size 1/2 (read one-slash-two, not one-half) and am nearly a size 0 again (not something that I want). So...I had to get the neck ones for my back. Tell me, does that make any sense to you?

And...I guess the boy is either knocked out pretty good by his drugs...or his surgery was moved up...or he just doesn't want to talk to me...since his mom told me that they gave him something around 11:00a and that's why he wasn't answering his phone when I called him after class (like he'd asked me to). And since he has the pain tolerance level of...well, I don't know what something with absolutely no tolerance level is...he's most likely going to be staying overnight at Beaumont again tonight. Oh, joy. So...since he's probably going to be in a cast for at least the next six weeks due the nature of bone healing...I really don't think that I'm going to see much of him. Because I hate driving (but I would drive over there to see him if he wanted me to, even though the last time he had surgery he didn't seem to want anything to do with me...just like any time he gets sick)...but more because he has school and work and has to be driven around. And since four of the five days that he works, I'm watching the girls at the time that he gets off of work...and the fifth day he has school...I don't think that he's going to want to see me much.

::sigh:: I don't know if I should even go to class tonight...I don't understand the chapter, I don't have my homework done...and I'm super stressed and sore. Grrrr!!! I know that the boy didn't get hurt on purpose...but it's the 12th week of class and it just seems like excuse #12 not to help me with my homework. Y'know? Because every week it seems like there's been some reason to put it off until the last minute...and this time it f***ed up my homework. Honestly though, I feel bad for him that he's hurt. Even if it doesn't appear that way. teacher already told me that it's okay to turn in my homework assignment late; just to get it turned in as soon as I can (which means sometime before April 28th, the last day of class)...and that it's all right if I miss class because of my fiancé's surgery (not like he even wants me there, at least that's the impression I got from him last night when I saw him). So...I don't know what to do... But I do know that I don't want to have to call the boy's mom again...because he gets mad at me for never calling him and whatever, yet he's terrible at returning phone calls (and I don't just mean due to current circumstances).

I have to leave in a little under a half an hour to pick up the girls and take them over to their dad's house...hopefully, he's working from home today and I don't have to watch the girls for the full scheduled time. That sounds bad...but I'd really like not to have to stay with them because of my back mostly (and a little, bitty bit because I'd like to go up to the hospital, if possible).

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