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Saturday, March 15, 2008

I've got my sight set on you and I'm ready to aim I have a heart that will never be tamed

Today, my Cosmo horoscope says to do this:
Libra - Sure, you're a social chick, but private Neptune says that it's okay to be selfish with your time today. Schedule a few hours alone to shop, nap, or catch up on TiVo. When you reconnect with your man or buds, you'll be ready to party.
Soo...does that mean that I can go out and spend money frivolously and not feel bad about it?

The Las Vegas man who painted his Mustang to look like a Police car to spoil his 7-year-old son amuses me...

Some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Could You Explain Again about the Timing of the Naked Break Dancing?
Bride: You are to behave like ladies.
Six-year-old #1: Can we take off our shoes?
Bride: Ladies take their shoes off after the ceremony.
Six-year-old #2: Can we run around?
Bride: After the ceremony, you can take off all your clothes and go nuts all night. I'll be married. I won't care.
Maid of Honor: But not until after the ceremony!
-- Staten Island

Are You Certain That You Do?
Customer: So, can I have three tacos -- two with chicken, and one chorizo?
Waitress: Eh, what was the last one?
Customer: Chorizo taco!
Waitress: Oh, I don't know...The chef may not understand that. Y'know, he doesn't really speak English...
-- El Sombrero restaurant, LES

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