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Friday, March 7, 2008

just beat it beat it beat it beat it no one wants to be defeated showin' how funky and strong is your fight it doesn't matter who's wrong or right

Yay!! The counter thingy is at 666 now!! Okay, so that's not at all a good thing to celebrate. Anyway...nothing too important to say, just a bunch of randomness really...

Fall Out Boy (with John Mayer) covering Michael Jackson's "Beat It"...go listen...and then please buy me their live DVD...'kay, thank you...!!

Oh, oh!! I got a 104.25 out of 100.00 on my espaƱol prueba on Tuesday!! Woohoo, go me!! The teacher will drop the lowest quiz score (and for me, that's an 83)...but anything over 100 doesn't really count since the highest you can get is 100. So hopefully my teacher will keep my 4.25 extra credit points and count those towards my other quiz score of 83.5. Since 83.5 and 104.25 average to 93.875, or a 94. So woowoo!! That's not a bad quiz score average. I can accept that one. But I don't want to accept the (83.5+100)/2=91.75, or a 92 one.

Some pub in NY is banning the song "Danny Boy" over the month of March...but all is not lost because there's a bar in Ferndale [MI] that's playing different renditions of it over the weekend of St. Patrick's Day.

Soo...apparently for all those people out there that are afraid of everything, here's one more thing for them to fear!! Eating's full of bacteria!! Even the freshly fallen the stuff that's not even hit the ground yet.

Hey, wanna earn four grand? Hey, wanna get bitten by mosquitoes carrying malaria? Some scientists in Seattle, WA are offering $4000 to volunteers willing to catch malaria... Yeah, thanks, but no thanks...I'll pass on that offer.

Are you envious of the iPhone? Supposedly, these five phones will get you over it...but I doubt it. Hey...the first few are even offered to AT&T/Cingular y'know, if you're too broke to afford the iPhone, maybe you can afford this other overpriced phone that might do just as much crap. Seriously, as long as your phone can do make/receive a phone call and send/receive texts and all that other basic phone stuff, why do you need all that other stuff? Especially the people that sit in an office all day? You're sitting in front of an freaking computer with internet access, why do you need the internet on your phone?!? Okay, I'm done ranting.

Coffee for People Who've Given Up Achievement
Woman: Oh, you got an iced coffee? Where do they sell those around here?
Man: This is actually Hennessey.
-- Church Ave

Hey, Wednesday One-Liners, Cold Enough for You?
Pilot: Welcome aboard our plane this afternoon, with direct service to Atlanta. The current weather in Atlanta is actually colder than it is here, so it sucks to be you.
-- LaGuardia

...and there are five more one-liners from Overheard in New York for your enjoyment.

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