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Sunday, March 23, 2008

there is no way you can get around it because you wrote I wish you were her you left out the 'e' you left w/out me and now you're somewhere out there

Today, my daily horoscope from Cosmo says:
Libra - Spending the day with your clan might appeal to you under sentimental Neptune. Giving them your undivided attention (leave your boyfriend at home) for a few hours strengthens your family ties.
Ha!, that's pretty funny...I hate my family. Well, I don't hate hate them. I just dislike them highly very often.

And...hooray!! It's Easter Sunday!! Or not... Well, I mean, or not for the "hooray!!" Anyway, I have to go get dressed and call the boy now...because he wants me to come to his house before we go to my grandma's house for Easter dinner. Even though technically, I live closer to her house than he does. ::sigh:: Oh, well...what do I know? Right? Gotta love him.

Oh!, and the younger brothers...totally would have thought that were too old for the whole searching for the Easter eggs thing...but nope! Apparently, last night they told our mom that they still wanted to get up and search for them today. Weirdos.


Happy Easter!!

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