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Monday, March 17, 2008

head under water and they tell me to breathe easy for a while the breathing gets harder even I know that

BRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! I'm freezing!! I don't care if it's "nice" out. It's freakin' freezing in this house!! My mom was complaining about it being too warm this morning...and she only had it set at 72 or something like that. Not that bad even...and then I came from class a couple hours later and crabby-pants was up and he'd turned it down to about 66 or 68!! So I just hurried up and did what I needed to do before I left to go do my errands...but now I'm home and I turned it back up to 72. But my fingers are still like icicles... ::sigh::

Oh, and Sunday is Easter Sunday...yeah, if crabby-pants isn't talking me still (which, by the way, would make it a total of four weeks for the silent treatment), then I refuse to sit down for the "big, family dinner." I don't care if that pisses off my grandmother. She can deal with it because I'm not subjecting myself to an awkward meal of either being ignored or cut off rudely because he's being childish for reasons unknown [to me] and ignoring my existence. I'll probably go over my paternal grandma's house for Easter dinner though...I just don't know what time that is. And it annoyed me a lot last night when my brother was over and asked me when it was as though it was job to keep track of that for him. I'm not his f***ing planner.

::sigh:: I'm just stressed out over this stupid situation crabby-pants has put me in. But at least I have a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch to make me happy...mmm!!

What a b****!! Seriously...he's better off without her...

Now for some amusement from Overheard in New York...

They're All in It for the B****es
Guy #1 about four tiny, yappy poodles: Why they so loud?!
Guy #2: Yo, they got a Napoleon complex. Why you think you a thug?
-- Eastern Pkwy & Underhill St, Brooklyn

Oh, yeah...and happy St. Patrick's Day!! Go out and drink some green beer!! Just make sure to be safe about it!!

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