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Friday, March 21, 2008

said I been needin' you, wantin' you wondering if you're the same and who's been with you is your heart still mine I wanna cry sometimes I miss you

Today's Cosmo horoscope says:
Libra - Single? Star warning! No matter how much your friends might love him, don't talk yourself into a relationship if you're not attracted to a guy. Attached? The Libra Moon suggests a simple but sweet evening. See a blockbuster movie, then refuel with comfort food at your favorite diner.
I can accept that...since a quiet night at home is pretty much what I wanted. I read that (cuz it amuses me to read my horoscope everyday, mostly cuz I don't put anything other than entertainment in it) and decided it was a do-able horoscope. Not like some of the other ones that show up on occasion. Like when it will say something about exercise...ha!, can you imagine me getting off my lazy butt and expending energy?

Cuddling up with the boy and watching America's Next Top Model sounds good to me. Or whatever show he wants to watch. Probably That's Amore...oh em gee, those girls vying for Domenico's attention are crazy!! They are perfect examples of reasons why I don't like being friends with girls...girls can be so mean to one another... 10:00p, we can't watch anything because his DVR will be recording Numb3rs and Dirt...oh, wait, nevermind, Dirt is on at 11:00p. And Numb3rs isn't on tonight, NCAA basketball is. I don't like live television is my enemy because I can't skip over the commercials.

Oh, this is pretty amusing to me:
According to a new study from Indiana University, researchers found that many young guys are clueless to the difference between women who are being friendly and women who are interested in a romantic relationship. (courtesy of "3 Things to Know" in Daily Cosmo on Cosmo)

The 10 safest states for children...and then where the other 40 states fall (MI is #33 and also third on the list for highest rate of sex offenders). Family Watchdog...a site to find sex offenders near you. I found it when I clicked on the link one day about "What Realtors Won't Tell You." It was all about stuff realtors either can't tell you legally or just don't want to tell you for fear of losing a sale.

There are five more one-liners from Overheard in New York...

Wednesday One-Liners Are Gonna Buy You a Mocking Bird
Young boy skipping by elevators, singing: Step on a crack and you break your mother's back... [Begins stomping] Take that, mother! And that, mother! And that, mother...!
-- Museum of Natural History

Lois Commutes between Adoration and Homicidal Rage
Black woman, to eight-year-old white girl: I love the white people. You are so cute. I would babysit you. Come here.
White woman: Yes, give the little white girl a hug.
Black woman, to girl: If anyone f***s with you, I'm gonna be f***ing with them.
-- 47th & 8th

I CAN'T CLICK BETWEEN TABS FOR SOME GODFORSAKEN REASON!!!!!! Seriously, I f***ing hate computers!! Do you know how annoying it is to have to get through the tabs the hard way? Oh, and look! the CPU is at 100%...isn't that nice? Can I kick the computer now? Okay...that's bad idea, but only because I might get hurt.

All right...I'm calm now...all done with my angry words...

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