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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

when I'm about to fall somehow you're always waiting with your open arms to catch me you're gonna save me from myself

Sooo, this is what my Cosmo horoscope for March 18 th says:
Libra - Single? You love the charmers, but Venus encourages to you look twice at a no-frills type of guy tonight. He might be the true blue boy you fantasize about. Attached? Clever Neptune suggests that you play bad girl to his Mr. Naive tonight. The bolder you are, the more passionate pleasure you'll get.
Umm...judging by the interactions of the past few days/weeks, I really don't think horoscope has a chance of becoming true. What do you think?

Umm...maybe this is why Detroit and Flint continue to stay in the Top 3 of the most dangerous cities in the U.S., a young teen girl gets raped and the police don't care...

Yay!!, not only are our humans overweight but our zoo animals are too!! (Don't you just love that false sense of enthusiasm?)

Umm, if you're going to try and rob a bank...don't you think that you should try for the open one?

Yeah, umm...she stopped the bus, saved the school bus full of elementary school-age children lives...and you're still giving her a detention for skipping school?

Ewewewew!! I could so not live in a house with honeybees living in the walls!! That would totally and completely freak me out!!

And see, celebrities are germophobic, quit picking on me for freaking out about germs and always needing to wash my hands!!

Dancing with the Stars started on ABC last night!! But of course, I missed it due to class. The boy set his thingy to record it. a very short while, there will be quite a conflict. DWTS, Samantha Who? and Gossip Girl are all on the same night...and kind of at the same time. ::sigh:: Oh, stupid tv producers/schedulers/whoever decides when to put things on tv... But anyway...this amused me: it's titled, "Stars We Want to See on 'Dancing'."

According to E! online's Watch with Kristin, only a few more weeks until Gossip Girl and Supernatural return with new episodes!! Yays!! Gossip Girl returns on Monday, April 21st at 8:00p and Supernatural returns on Thursday, April 24th at 9:00p.

***Spoiler Alert***

Rachel from Seattle: Please tell me that Sean McNamara will be coming back to Nip/Tuck. He can't actually be dead?!
Mr. McNamara (aka Dylan Walsh) says that he will be just fine. Walsh pointed out that, "On Nip/Tuck, there are miracles that happen all the time. People have major surgery and no scars. So I imagine Sean McNamara will just jump right up from that, wipe the blood off and go to the gym." I certainly hope so!

Kayla in Washington, D.C.: Anything on Samantha Who?
Sam will suspect her madre, the wonderful Jean Smart, of cheating on her dad when the show returns! I wouldn't put it past

Spoilers courtesy of E! online's Watch with Kristin.

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