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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

and next time we hang out I will redeem myself my heart can't rest 'til then whoa whoa I I can't wait to see you again

Oh,'s a snow day!! For once, my school is closed on a day/time when I have class!! Boo to a snow day for the younger brothers... Which means soon I have to call the girls' mom and ask about watching them...okay, nevermind calling her, she just emailed me and she asked if I could go over a little earlier than normal...

Grr...per usual, the boy and I couldn't get along last night... C'mon now, why can't we get along? He says it cuz I don't communicate...I say it's cuz he gives the impression he has better things to do than listen to what I have to say...the blame game works wonders, doesn't it? careers...and look! both health care and IT are on the list. So, y'know, if the boy and I don't decide that we hate one another and that we want a family...we've both chosen to go into fields that are family-friendly.

Yesterday, when I came home from español, I decided to try an experiment. Since crabby-pants has been parking excessively close to my back bumper lately, I parked farther up than normal to see if he would still do that and...voilà! he did. Not as close as the previous days, since today a person could walk between the two vehicles if need be. Hahaha!! There was a link, well two links, in the Newsdroppings section of the Shoebox blog and I mentioned it to my mom and she made a funny about it. It was about fitness and walking to work, so she said that [crabby-pants] would have to start walking now (it was 8:45a) in order to be on time for work. It highly amused me that she was essentially saying that he's too overweight and/or out-of-shape to walk. (I do realize that he works in Romulus and we live in Royal Oak) Cosmo horoscope says to do this:
Libra - Single? Plain-talking Mercury says not to knock yourself out trying to be clever tonight. Your knack for friendly small talk is refreshing to a down-to-earth guy. Attached? Consider introducing him to something new, like an exotic food he might not try on his own.
But...getting the boy to try new foods is pretty much like pulling teeth without any anesthesia. Especially if he's not sure what exactly the food is. It doesn't seem to matter whether or not how mild the food is (I'm not talking about spiciness, I'm just talking about different from his range of normalcy), he's unwilling to try new foods what seems to be 99% of the time. then appears that I'm unwilling to eat anything different also. It's just that we eat at the same places all the time, so I eat the same things all the time...but trust me, after a while cheeseburgers, steak and spaghetti gets boring. I want variety...but I want him to eat, too. achieve that we have to eat at the same restaurants all the time. ::sigh:: I really didn't mean to complain so much.

And on a slightly related note, this Daily Confession from Cosmo highly amused me because, well, the poor girl got in bed with her boyfriend's roommate...

What an awesome toddler!! She's 16-months old and already she can read!! (Scroll down about half-way and click on the video to play) But her parents took her to her pediatrician because they were worried that maybe she was autistic or something else, they were impressed with their little girl, but also worried too. I realize that I can be way over-cynical at times, but hey, look! I was right...Airborne is nothing more than false advertisement. But honestly, I was only right because of pure luck...I just hate taking more than I absolutely need to, that's why I was saying it doesn't work.

Worst wedding advice all amuses me, both pages...

I Knew We Shouldn't Have Moved to Chelsea
Little girl: Where are we going now?
Mother: Chinatown.
Little girl: Vagina town?
Mother, chuckling: No -- China-town.
Little girl, coyly: Well, I live in peeenis-town.
Mother: Okay, Lila.
-- Union Square

Be a Good Sport, Wednesday One-Liners
Eight-year-old boy: You can't have a Cowboys game without the cheerleaders. There go half the male ticket holders.
-- Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Guy randomly wipes out on the sidewalk, flat on his stomach with arms stretched out in front of him. Everyone stares.
Nearby cop: Safe!
-- Outside Penn Station

...and four more one-liners to go along with those two, which are from...Overheard in New York.

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