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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

speak to me when all you got to keep is strong move along move along like I know you do and even when your hope is gone

So...this morning, I got a phone call from my dad asking if I pay my own car insurance or not and how much it is. And since he's thinking about turning in his Grand Prix early for a G6, he was talking to his insurance company and asked about how much it would be to cover my car as well. It would cost approximately $72-73/month in car insurance...I'm pretty sure that's less than what my mom's paying each month my insurance currently... At least I'm assuming so since it was about $70/month before I got a speeding ticket.

So, my daddy said if I want to go back to living over there (which is entirely up to me), then I can either use the smaller bedroom or the bedroom that Eric is currently using since he's hardly ever around and then he'd move into the smaller room. Poor kid, I hope he doesn't think that nobody cares about him. ::sigh:: But, this new situation would improve my living conditions...just don't know how I'd feel about hardly seeing anyone (mostly meaning my younger brothers) anymore. Oh, well...

Big decision, just means to carefully think it over and make a smart choice. head has hurt since yesterday evening. It's horrible...all I want to do is cry. I tried my didn't work. I tried going to sleep...that didn't work. I tried food...that didn't work. I want to cry...a lot. Somebody shoot me. Just not literally, please. I don't want to be dead.

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