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Monday, March 24, 2008

even if your hands are shaking and your faith is broken even as the eyes are closing do it with a heart wide open why say what you need to say

Well...mostly, I was just going to get some thoughts out/rant a bit...but I was highly amused, because this was near the top of Way to go, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick!! Score one for Detroit...yeah, cuz I'm sure that's what the city wants to be in the national news for.

But anyway...I've come to the conclusion that crabby-pants is worse than the stepmonster. Y'know why? Because at least she was willing to admit she had issues and that she couldn't fix them on her own and get professional help for them. Albeit, she couldn't accept responsibility for her issues since she blatantly told me I was to blame for them. But still, at least she was willing to do something about her problems in a semi-adult way. Crabby-pants doesn't even have the courage to tell me himself why he's behaving in the way that he is. I had to hear it from a third-party four weeks into the behavior.

By the way, the reasoning for his childish behavior is my "attitude problem." Now, I'm not saying that I never have an attitude, because that's impossible, but to say that "every time [he] talks to [me], [I have] a smart-a**" response...or however it was phrased to me just overgeneralization. It's wholly unfair, also. Oh, well... Obviously, crabby-pants doesn't care who he causes harm to in the process of being a jerk, because eventually I'm just not going to talk to or deal with the people living in this house anymore. So...y'know, that means, I just quit talking to my two youngest brothers and my mom because I don't need the added stress in my life of dealing with his bulls***. ::sigh:: Whatever...soon enough, I can be rid of the distress, right?

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