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Thursday, March 27, 2008

'cause I've never felt like this before I'm naked around you does it show you see right through me and I can't hide

I'm sleepy and it's just some randomness for the most part today...

So...E! Online has a link to the pictures Audrina Patridge from MTV's The Hills supposedly took for Playboy (she denies that they were intended for Playboy). Well, me being curious about the pictures, I clicked on the link. Yeah...bad idea...because even though on the thumbnails of the pictures it shows the pictures as censored, when you click on a thumbnail to enlarge it, the enlarged image is no longer censored. Yeah, umm, I really wasn't trying to be perverted and look at pseudo-porn. Especially since my 11 year old brother and his friend are sleeping in the living room (the same room that the computer is in). Just what I need, for the kid to go home and tell his parents, "His older sister was looking at naked girls on the computer." I'm sure that would go over so well...what do you think? annoys me that every time you log on to the computer it says that there's no anti-virus on the computer...even though we have something installed and it's up-to-date. So I just do the stupid scan thingy most every time I'm on the computer. Yeah...whenever the scan finds something, it always finds it under crabby-pants' "Temp" folders. Never anybody else's. So even though common places for all that crap to hide out is in children's games and porn, you can't blame it on anybody other than crabby-pants and his porn habit. Ugh...that's so icky!! But I fixed it so that the stupid red shield no longer appears at start-up anymore (I just checked the box that says we have an anti-virus installed that we're monitoring on our own).

Some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Haha! You Said "Wednesday One-Liners"!
Professor: So, the probability you're dealing with a straight is determined by what comes out the back end here.
-- Statistics lecture, Columbia University

Blonde hairstylist to male customer: Men are easy. I could do 15 men a day.
-- Upscale hair salon

NYU professor about expertise involved in determining chicken gender: When was the last time you turned over a chick?
-- NYU

Biology professor: Homo erectus? Homo sapiens? I don't know... So many homos.
-- Wagner College

Prim older lady: You guys could eat out. Also, you could go out for dinner... Yes, I'm twelve.
-- Relish, Williamsburg

That Esteban, Always Getting into Mama's Vodka Popsicles
Very young child: Yo estoy borracha. Yo estoy borracha. Yo estoy borracha...
-- 35th St & 36th Ave, Astoria, Queens

(borracho/a means drunk in Spanish)

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