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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

they say your head can be a prison then these are just conjugal visits people will dissect us 'til this doesn't mean a thing anymore

Tonight I have a quiz in my Spanish's the last one for the semester. I hope that I do well. It's the computer chapter, so...all the vocab is on computer terms (Lección 10). That should amuse the boy.

And I can't decide if I want this dress (in black) or this dress (in either black or maybe, red)...I really don't know what to do. shoes should be here soon!! Since the stupid place finally shipped them yesterday. Which reminds me...the place said on its site that it was charging me $26.48 and then the amount posted to my account was $26.47. So now everything in my checkbook thingy is $0.01 off. Grrr. But that's not something that I'm going to call the bank about...I'm just going to wait and see if anything changes before I get my shoes.

Okay...well...I'm done rambling about nothing, I guess anyway...'s some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Then What's with This Erotic Stick Figure?
Spanish teacher, reading student's homework: What?! What is this?! Novia? You're going to ride your girlfriend?
Student: Doesn't that mean 'ferris wheel'?
-- Stuyvesant High

I Forgot What a Mean Little Drunk You Are
Little girl: Mommy, I have a headache.
Mom: Well, maybe we should just get you some sake.
Little girl: What?
Mom: I mean tea. Hot tea.
-- Grey's Art Museum

***Spoiler Alert***

Kara in Providence, Rhode Island: I watched the Dirt premiere last night. Too crazy! Please tell me life in Hollywood isn't really like that.
For what it's worth, Courteney says they have consulted with actual paparazzi for tricks of the trade so their storylines are accurate. But yes, much of it is creative license. By the way (mild spoiler alert), I'm told that Courteney Cox's hubby, Mr. David Arquette, directed the fifth episode of the season, an episode in which she just so happens to have a serious makeout scene. Word is, poor David couldn't handle watching his wife with another guy and literally left the set mid-smooch! Awww....Kinda sweet, isn't it?

Claire in Paramus, New Jersey: So, what's the deal? Do Gossip Girl's Serena and Blair hate each other in real life or what?
Ah, the rumor mill. All I can tell you is that both Leighton Meester (Blair) and Blake Lively (Serena) showed up to an event for the Reebok Freestyle World Campaign last week and certainly seemed very friendly! (No catfights—poo!) As for what's next on GG, Blake said, "I don’t know if they’re going to pick right up from the episode where we left off, or if they are going to act like a few months happened." And Leighton said Blair "should kind of claw her way back up to the top. She’s kind of an outsider right now. As we left it. Just a little tease for you!" And we all love a good tease! (Well, except maybe Chuck Bass.)

Spoilers courtesy of E! online's Watch with Kristin. And yays!! According to E!'s Watch with Kristin, Gossip Girl, Supernatural and America's Next Top Model will all return next season!! Yays!!

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