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Saturday, March 8, 2008

I want a platinum blonde life so I keep bleaching out the colors I try to do what I oughta but never drink enough water Cosmo horoscope says to do this:
Libra - Single? Your careful approach might be lost on a serial romancer who's adorable but way too fickle to keep. Attached? Mars might make sparks fly tonight -- channeling this energy results in a fiery romp.
Yeah...don't think this horoscope will be coming to fruition either because tonight the boy gets his Super Smash Bros. Brawl and before then we're going to Taste of Chaos... And duh, he's always tired. Which he says he doesn't blame on me...but the way in which he words things, it appears that he's blaming me for his lack of sufficient time to sleep (so in effect, his tiredness).

Wow...what a stickler for rules. Way to go Mr. Security Guard, ya ruined the guy's surprise proposal...

Hey, look...more pretty blonde celebrity girls claiming how pure they are...the pretty Julianne Hough from ABC's Dancing with the Stars and country singer Taylor Swift...

Here's some amusement from Overheard in New York...

We Took the Trail to Get Here
College girl #1: Which way to the Eiffel Tower?
Suit, puzzled, pointing East: That way?
College girl #2: How far is it?
Suit: ... About three thousand miles.
College girl #1: No! No! [Makes peak with fingertips of both hands.] The... Eiffel... Tower!
Suit: Yeah, that way about three thousand miles -- across the Atlantic Ocean -- in Paris.
College girl #2, also making peak with hands: No! No! It's a... It's a... The Empire State Building!
Suit, pointing at looming Empire State Building: The Empire State Building is right there.
College girl #2: You have to excuse us -- we're from Oregon.
-- 45th & 5th

Another Fine New York Tradition
Fat guy, caught illegally parked to buy and gobble a hot dog: It's a New York tradition.
Cop: Move your car, or that's going to be a hundred and fifty dollar hot dog.
-- Grey's Papaya, 8th Ave

Ever Notice How Your Dad Listens to Barry Manilow?
Five-year-old girl: ... And then he changed seats!
Nanny: Why are you obsessing?
Five-year-old girl: Because boys are weird.
Nanny: Boys will always be weird.
-- 29th & Park

Okay, well...I need to go the bank ciao!!

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