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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I don't even know my last name my mama would be so ashamed it started off "hey cutie,where you from?" then it turned into "oh no! what have I done?"

So...the boy is okay now...well, as okay as he can considering how wonderfully he effed up his ankle on Sunday. I asked the orthopedic surgeon if he put any screws in him and his response was "a bunch." So, yeah...the boy did a number on himself. I really do love that boy...even though it sometimes doesn't sound like it. Today, he has some physical therapy...and he should be going home today. ::sigh:: I miss my fiancé...and I think that I'm going to be missing him for quite a while, too. ::sigh::

Anyway, since he works for a home medical supply company...they're going to supply him with a hospital bed to sleep in for when he gets home (since his bed is downstairs and he won't be able to get downstairs for at least a couple weeks) and a motorized scooter to get around with at work (it's a big place and using crutches to get around would totally suck). So that's pretty cool of 'em. I don't think they're going to charge him for it either...nepotism at its best. And, yes, I did use the word correctly. The CEO of the company is his third cousin (I'm pretty sure, he's the boy's third cousin...since the uncle, and CEO's father or something like that, who recently passed away was his maternal grandfather's brother...that family confuses me more than mine does).'s hard to find someone at that company who doesn't have a relative working there.

When I talked to him last night about driving to WV for the wedding...he made the suggestion of possibly asking this couple that's also going if we could go along with them, but I didn't like that suggestion very much. So he said we'd figure it out. So obviously he still wants to go. But seriously...I hate driving...and he makes me nervous when I drive (I don't know why he does, but when he's in the car while I'm driving I tend to hit things) pair that anxiety with the anxiety of an unfamiliar area and I will so crash the vehicle. And I do not want to die in Hillbilly-ville!! But it's not the crash that'll kill us, but the hospital visit that will.

Ewewewewew!! So...I have this slight obsession with advice columns (okay it might be a little more than slight). And in the Dear Abby that was posted as of 7:58 ET last night, it was gross. At least the first question in the daily column was gross...the whole daily column wasn't gross.

But...I should probably go get in the shower...not like that'll take me all that long since I don't need to shave my legs for any reason. I mean, c''ll be weeks before I get to cuddle with the boy what's the point of making myself pretty? I'm not the type of girl who's going to go out and find some replacement guy...that's completely wrong.

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