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Thursday, April 24, 2008

why do you build me up buttercup baby just to let me down and mess me around and then worst of all you never call baby

I'm super tired. It's a zombie day. First, I woke up cuz I always do around 8:00ish if it's a relatively sunny day...then I heard my mommy talking about the computer acting weird (apparently my stepdad's password won't work, my mom and I just think he somehow typed it incorrectly and it was being really s-l-o-w). Then the girls' mom called me (at like 8:30a, mind you my alarm doesn't even go off until 9:15a) to ask if I'd be able to watch them this afternoon (normally this is my day off from picking them up)...then I was like half asleep again and their dad called me (at like 9:00a...he told me to go back to sleep after we finished talking, I was amused) to find out if I was able to pick them up. Apparently the two hadn't talked to one another again yet...and they're divorced, so it's not like they're the best at communicating either.

Oh, yeah...and I couldn't fall asleep last I think I had all of four hours of sleep last night. Woo...hoo... I'm too tired to drum up the enthusiasm needed for that interjection.

But on the plus side...more money. Of course, it means more driving around because I have to take the younger one to dance...and then take them both to their dad's house afterwards. I have no idea how long I'm supposed to watch them for...talking on the phone while half asleep is not a good thing. Besides, I have class's my I have to be on time.

Today is "Take Your Child to Work Day," so the 12 y/o brother is at work with our mom today...I have to go pick him up around 1:30p. It'll be a long day for him otherwise...eight hours is a bit much for a 12 y/o kid. Aren't there child labor laws against that? (Oh, boy...I almost published this post with the word "their" as opposed to "there" in the preceding sentence...)

I need to get in the shower soon. I have to call my doctors' office because I don't have any refills on my allergy medicine...and if you think I'm miserable in winter when I have no allergy medicine, just imagine how I am in spring when I have none and my allergies are making me miserable while I have allergy medicine. Oh, yeah...and I still have to read the book that my Spanish final is on tonight...haha. Way to go,'s so not last minute or anything.

Oh, the end of today I'm going to be one loopy mess...who wants to deal with me?

Oh, yeah...sidenote: the thingy is back up...just in case you care...

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