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Saturday, April 26, 2008

this was my mistake broken are plans we made so I will be traveling any place cuz anywhere's better than here

I'm hungry!!! Too bad the boy was giving off the impression that he didn't want me around, otherwise I would have eaten already. Because his mom invited me to go out to eat with them since it's her birthday...and I wasn't feeling like the other four people that would be eating dinner would rather be anywhere but where I was. But that's definitely how I was feeling around the boy. Even on the phone that's how I felt...probably because even though he called me, it sounded as though he was having a conversation with someone else. Most of the call sounded as though he was talking somewhere other than his phone. The playing video games isn't what bothered's that it appeared as though he expected me to be thrilled to see him when I came over and he said nothing to me (or barely acknowledged me, I don't remember exactly) and expected me to amuse myself; oh, and he was still wearing the same clothes he had on yesterday. I don't know...he just made me feel like the only reason he asked me to come over was because he can't drive himself around and needed to go out to get a present for his mom's birthday.


I'm half expecting a phone call from him sometime later this evening because the midnight release of Mario Kart is tonight...but who knows if he's still expecting me to take him?

Jesus f***ing Christ, are we ever going to leave for f***ing food?!?

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