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Monday, April 7, 2008

late night you make me feel like I'm desperate I'm not desperate oh a little bit possessive little miss obsessive can't get over it

Here's what Cosmo says is my horoscope for today:
Libra - Single? A possessive type who wants to shower you with his affection might excite you long enough for a short but amazing fling. Attached? Only quickies might do under lustful Venus tonight.
I don't think about you?

Anyway...last night on my way out of the boy's house I managed to bruise my left hand on the screen door. So now the space just below my thumb is pretty sore. It sucks. Yay for him though, he helped (well, more than helped) a lot with my Monday night homework yesterday!!

Tomorrow morning is his follow-up appointment with his orthopedic surgeon. He'll get his full cast...currently he's in the post-op half cast still. That thing has got to weigh at least 25lb. according to him. I believe him...he set his foot down on my thigh briefly and it was super heavy!! And he didn't let the full weight down either...thankfully. He said that his boss wants him to come in tomorrow afternoon. Yeah, umm...that's only happening if his doctor says that's okay. Otherwise, the boss has to wait until whenever (probably Wednesday morning). Even though I know the boy wants out of the house. He's sick of being cooped up.

Ugh...the youngest brother had to borrow my island blue Vans this morning because yesterday my family played tug-o-war in the mud and his shoes were still too wet and muddy this morning. Don't worry, technically my Vans are a pair of boys' shoes since I bought them from the boys' section of the the kid isn't wearing a girls' pair of shoes. And he practically wears the same size shoes as me, too. They might be a bit too big length wise, but width wise they might be a bit too tight. I have pretty narrow feet...and he has pretty wide feet. So...he's not really going to be in foot trouble for wearing those shoes for one day. I'm just worried that he'll destroy my shoes...'s a few things that have amused me over the weekend:
.:. internet addiction as a real malady in the DSM V?
.:. haha, so much for polygamy...both wives left him at the same time...
.:. hmm...gaydar is real after all...
.:. four unhealthy habits of couples...yep (definitely all we do did is eat out, well y'know what I mean), yep (the boy does anyway), yep (but not so much anymore), (no comment)...

some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Did the Boy Oversleep, Too?
Big black guy: I thought she was goin' to get an abortion?
Tiny Rican girl: Yeah, but she overslept and missed her appointment.
Big black guy: How do you miss an abortion appointment?!
Tiny Rican girl: Well she's only seventeen, she's not really responsible yet.
Big black guy, yelling: Well then maybe she shouldn't have been thinking about sex yet! For Christ's sake she missed her abortion appointment! What a whore!
-- H&M, Brooklyn

Your Editors Are Appalled by This Display of Public Decency
Girl #1: What's a blow job?
Girl #2: [looks at her strangely then laughs] Are you seriously asking that?
Girl #1: Yeah.
Girl #2: We're gonna have a long discussion later...
-- 231st St

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