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Thursday, April 17, 2008

no me des falsas esperanzas no me engañes no oh oh no me digas cuánto es que me amas no te creo no ooh ooh

I heart my fiancé mucho!! Mmmm...he's wonderful...

Anyway...poor boy almost fell up the stairs and then down the stairs last night because he was too stubborn to wait for me and went by himself. ::sigh:: I know he's sick of having to rely on other people, but seriously...does he really want to hurt himself some more? But I can't wait for him to be completely healed and better!! I miss him lots!!

Blah...I have class tonight at I don't wanna go. Ha!, I still haven't read any of the story that's going to be on the final exam next Thursday. Oh, well... That's what the review questions are for...right? We're supposed to get those tonight.

So...this explains both romantic and physical chemistry between people...

Hmm...I have to go get in the shower...but I'm being lazy. That and the tree cutting people are here. So...y'know, I don't really want to be wandering around in nothing but a towel while a bunch of random men are outside my house. True, they should not be anywhere near my windows, but who knows...

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