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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

so don't blow it no not a little bit cause now you're all mine don't you forget it don't blow it even a little bit cause now you're all mine

Yay yay yay!! The semester is officially over for me!! Too bad I got icky grades this semester... I don't know what I got yet...because I don't think that my grades are posted yet. But I haven't looked yet either...according to the school site, the grades will be available by noon on Thursday. I don't want to wait. Grr!! My Spanish grade is really the only grade that I don't know for sure. Hooray for two consecutive semesters of a 4.0 g.p.a., followed by a semester with a 2.6 g.p.a.! I've never in my life had a g.p.a. that low...not even when I failed a class. I've always had at least a 3.something. Ugh...

Today is the Make-a-Wish day at Noodles & Co. in Downtown Royal Oak...too bad I probably won't be able to go. But 25% of sales go to support the Detroit Walk for Wishes (the MI chapter of Make-a-Wish page for walk) awesome is that? Besides...Noodles also sent me an email because it's my Noodlegram I get free food (it's just a way to get me to come in and spend some money, duh).

***Spoiler Alert***

Marcos in Chino, Calif.: I'm ashamed to admit I can't stop watching Gossip Girl. Any scoop on Blair and Chuck?
Do not despair! The show's charms are bigger than all of us. Blair and Chuck continue to dance around each other, and things get complicated in the season finale...But not as complicated as things get for Lily! Let's just say she isn't done with Rufus, but she will also be walking down the aisle to Bart.

Fabrizio in New Orleans: More Gossip Girl! I love that show.
Serena goes on a downward spiral and Nate, Chuck and Blair team up to help her.

Nancy Jo in Owatonna, Minn.: Oooh! Juicy scoop about Eric van der Woodsen hooking up with Jenny's new boyfriend. Thanks for that, Kristin! How will Jenny take it?
Not well. And it will knock her out of the Queen B circle for the time being.

Spoilers courtesy of E! online's Watch with Kristin.

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