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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

watching me wanting me I can feel you pull me down fearing you loving you I won't let you pull me down

Oh. My. God. I want to scream!! Seriously. I don't understand and I wish that someone could please explain to me. It would be greatly appreciated. ::sigh::

Anyway...I'm probably going over my daddy's house after watching the girls this evening. He's helping me with my taxes. Woo woo. Yeah, I is April 9th, the deadline is less than a week away. Way to be on top of things. But hello, the only reason that I have to even file my stupid taxes is because of U.S. Savings Bonds being cashed in for payment for school expenses. So...I'm pretty sure that I don't even owe money. True, I don't get anything back either...but I don't owe anything.

I like how when the problem in the relationship is me, then it's a big one that needs to be fixed right away...but when I have a problem with something he is doing and I try not word it in a way to cause him to get defensive, there's no need for him to try and change because he "can't change." Isn't that cool? And he's wondering what to do because the girl he started dating and the girl he's currently dating isn't acting like the same person... Huh, didn't I just complain about the same thing the other day? Oh, that's right...I did. But...y'know, I'm just avoiding the topic at hand by bringing up him and not focusing on what a terrible girlfriend, I mean fiancée I am.

Sorry, if I seem just a tad bit b****y, but I'm sick of the same things being said to me every week or so. And when I say these same things to him in person it just isn't getting through (usually I try for it to be in a nicer way) maybe if I just put it out there for anyone to see, the boy will realize I'm pretty much done.

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