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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

you taste so sweet but I can't eat the same thing every day cuttin' off the phone leave me the f*** alone tomorrow I'll be beggin' you to come home

::sigh:: I have to watch Pan's Labyrinth today...the quiz is due tonight. Plus, I have to read the first 20 pages or so approximately of the second novel for Spanish. I hate homework.

So...umm...I was going to write something...but now I don't feel like it... Whatever, I'll write anyway.

I'm pretty sure that the boy is mad at me because of last night. He was I left to go home...and he didn't like that I left. More specifically, he didn't like the way in which I chose to leave. But since he'd made it fairly obvious to me more than once that he wanted me to leave, I didn't see why it was a big deal. But of course, when he says something to me about anything I've done, if I say something about him at all, that is me "being defensive." He says that's why it's impossible, or whatever his words were, to talk to me. And to him it may have sounded defensive, but I wasn't trying to be...I was only trying to say that he doesn't have much room to judge anything that I do because at times he can be just as bad.'s something about a baby born with two faces...

***Spoiler Alert***

Marlene in Orlando: Any dish on Top Model?
Maybe...Anya? I spotted da Hawaiian homegirl in her homeland (Honolulu, Oahu), having fruity drinks at the Halekulani Hotel with a man who must have been twice her age...I know, scandal! Quite less scandalous (and reassuring) is that he turned out to be her real daddy, not her sugar daddy. I chatted up the two of them, and Anya said she never gets recognized, adding, "[I am] hanging out in here [Hawaii] for now, because we can't do anything until the show is over." Technically, each girl can't do anything until they get kicked off the show, so I thought maybe that's a good sign that she stays on until the end? Perhaps? She seems to be doing better and better each week, no?

Kathleen in Plymouth, Mich.: What's the deal with Nip/Tuck? Will we ever see it again, or was Sean's stabbing the end of the story?
Heck no! Production on new episodes has already begun, and though Sean may not be in tiptop shape, McNamara/Troy could have their very own Doogie Howser to pick up the slack. Sources say a teenage doctor named Raj infiltrates the boys' practice and sticks around for quite some time!

Aimee in San Diego: I can't wait for Nip/Tuck to come back. Do you know if we'll see Colleen Rose again?
Yup, I believe a psychotic Sharon Gless will be back, and we also meet her poor sister. P.S.: I'm hearing someone the guys know and love might have breast cancer.

Spoilers courtesy of E! online's Watch with Kristin

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