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Friday, April 4, 2008

I can fake with the best of anyone I can fake with the best of 'em all I can fake with the best of anyone I can fake it all

So...from the things I read in the news this week, I really don't think that this is necessarily the best week to be a child...
.:. nine 3rd graders plot to attack teacher in GA elementary school...
.:. AR no longer has a law mistakenly allowing parental consent for marriage at any age...even toddlers!!
.:. woo woo...a new show taped for Spike TV with the DEA doesn't make Detroit look so great...
.:. yay for MySpace doing something to help find a kidnapped kid...y'know, as opposed to being a breeding ground for child molesters looking to get their rocks off with 13 y/o girls and boys...
.:. seriously, I would have been the paper girl if it meant $500 tips...
.:. yeah, umm...I think after 38 years, I would have given up hope...after 38 minutes I would have given up hope...
Just some of the random news stuff that was interesting...

Here's some random things that amused me this week...
.:. Adam Sandler broke his ankle, also, this now the boy doesn't have to feel like he's the only stupid boy who got hurt playing something...
.:. okay...this one didn't amuse me, I'm putting it here because I know it'll probably amuse the boy...he's a big giant nerd who finds astronomy amusing...astronomers have found 10 new planets, including a baby one...aww, how cute!!
.:. and since the boy is graduating this year with his bachelor's in computer science, this intrigued me when I saw the headline on my Yahoo! page...and so, together #2 (well, the last line anyway) and #5 are what he's been saying he wants to do...
Hmm...I guess you can tell where my mind has been all week since I just realized that those are related to the boy... next part will probably upset the boy if he reads it...but I'm really sorry. I know that complaining about something a guy's mom does is about the worst thing to do ever...because, like, every girly magazine points that out (but, notice the men's magazines never seem to say "don't do x, y, or z or she'll love you less"). But, before anybody yells at me for it, let me just say that I honestly like his mom. I mean, I don't always agree with everything that she has to say, but I don't always agree with my own mom, so what's the big deal with that? I like his mom at least 95% of the time...agreeing with her has nothing to do with liking her.

The thing is, I just don't like the way that she goes about monitoring the medication prescribed after surgery for her adult son. If he wants to be stupid and take too much and hurt himself worse than the physical pain of the broken bones, then why should she or anyone else stop him? Plus, it bugs me more that both of his parents use a joking tone of voice to say that he's taking more of his medication than he should be or that he's hiding it from them than it annoys me that they're just being the typical overbearing only child parents with the medication monitoring issue. I can ignore the monitoring because it's never going to go away...I don't like listening to them have absolutely no trust for him. I don't really know if much of the second half of the paragraph makes sense, but, oh well...
.:. Anyway, here's something that was on MSN's homepage on either Monday or Tuesday: it's some common myths about opioid analgesics. It was interesting to read it, because even though I already knew whether or not a myth a true, I still learned some things that I didn't know. (I would have put a link to it, even if the boy wasn't currently broken just because)
So...yeah...hopefully, the boy doesn't get mad at me... I really was not trying to piss him off. It's just that he's an only child, so I think that part of it is just that because they only have one child to worry about...all of their energy is put into worrying about him and it's overbearing like the stereotypical parents of an only child. I'm sure my own parents would be nearly as bad if I'd been an only child. ::sigh::

Oh, and poor baby brother...he's home from school sick today...he vomited before school.

Some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Four-year-old girl screaming: IT IS MY MONEY AND I WANT IT BACK!
Shockingly calm but exhausted Dad: No Sarah, it is OUR money.
Sarah [chanting over and over while stomping her feet.]: IT IS MY MONEY! I WANT IT BACK!
-- Bank, Madison Ave & E 65th

Won't You Please Donate to Help These Poor Victims of Time Travel?
Shirtless old guy, walking over to a group of friends: Looks like you got a nice circle there, mind if I join you guys?
Stranger: No, I think we're good...
Shirtless old guy: Well, I'll be back...[looks up at the trees.] Do you see the pterodactyls? ...up there, the dinosaurs? [Wakes up a hobo on the benches.] Sir, you see them, don't you? ...pterodactyls...pkawww pkawww [flaps his arms.]
[back to the group of friends]
I'll be back. pkawww!
-- Union Square

No Wonder Mom Slaps You
Father: Do you want some juice now? Want juice?
Two-year-old boy: Be patient.
-- G train

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