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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

where are you and I'm so sorry I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight I need somebody and always

The boy is going home today...he said that he'd call me when he's home. But I'm not counting on it. Especially since I'm watching the girls this afternoon from 4:00-6:30p and then I have class from I doubt that I'll see him today. And I doubt that I'll see him tomorrow either since I have to watch the girls again for the same time...and then I'm probably going to be going to my daddy's afterwards to do my taxes. ::sigh:: At least this way we can't fight, right? Plus, they gave him Percocet™ since they took out his he's drowsy from it. So...yeah, remember his lack of pain tolerance? He's pretty much gonna dose himself as much as he, yeah...drowsiness is the other reason I'm most likely not going to see until who knows when... ::sigh:: Seriously, I miss my fiancé...a lot. I don't care if all my whining about it makes me sound like "such a girl." (This paragraph was originally just going to be an [Update] to the previous posting of the day, but I decided against it.)

Blah...this is currently one depressing blog. Good thing I don't actually have to worry about people commenting and complaining...or saying anything to me in person.

Oh, and last year for the month of April there was a total of two far there are two posts for the first day of April. In 2007, I didn't really put much on here. I mean, there was a total of 72 posts in the whole's only April 1st and already there are 61 posts. So, yeah...I think that I got over not wanting to put everything I'm thinking on the internet.

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