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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

and after all the obstacles it's good to see you now with someone else and it's such a miracle that you and me are still good friends

[insert frustrated scream here]

Okay, seriously now, I'm about ready to give up. I'm sick of having to prove that I do not hate people. It feels like every other day the boy is asking me if I hate him or something along those line...and then this morning he told me that we now have a big problem that only I can solve: his mother thinks that I hate her and his father. I said that I'd try to fix it since it's not true. And when I asked if the boy had a suggestion as to how I might be able to solve this problem (seeing how they're his parents, he might know something I can do), he seemingly brushed it off by giving me a one-word answer: no.


Maybe I just won't get married. Because...none of my other relationships seem to be requiring me to prove weekly that I don't hate someone. Besides...last night, he made it known to me that I stress him out to the point that he doesn't sleep least not well. So...if we just end this f***ed up relationship before it gets any worse (because even though I really don't see how it could, I'm sure it's possible), then it solves both problems. Right? He'll be able to sleep stress-free because he doesn't have to deal with me anymore...and his mom won't have to worry that I "hate" her [and her husband].

But I just get the impression that no matter what I try to do to remedy the situation, she's going to continue to believe that I don't like her. Especially since I have no idea how long she's been feeling/thinking this...and I've been dating her son for almost two and a half years now. So...basically, I'm screwed. See why I've all but given up?

I'm not usually a quitter...but it's no use to try and compete with some guy's mom, that's just ridiculous. Especially when there's a healthy relationship in place, family is important. Oh, was fun while it lasted...

Does running away from my problems count as solving them?


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