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Friday, January 9, 2009

see all those guys wanna come treat you right cuz ya sweeter than apple pie everything that you want you got girl you know that you need to stop

Here's the weekly round-up for the first full week of 2009...
.:. ::sigh:: Is this all over yet? Because just the other day, this made the top of the MSN homepage...
.:. Not a good thing to be saying: "it's like bumper cars out there"
.:. A six-year-old drove himself to school - well, almost anyway - because he didn't want to miss school. He's lucky he didn't get hurt more seriously.
.:. Umm, this thing on crash-detecting sensors in BMWs was interesting, but also way too hard for me to get through. So...if anyone gets through it and can sum it up in 1-2 sentences for me, that'd be great, thanks!!
.:. I don't think I'd (at least, I hope I don't) ever get to the point of needing to visit the home dentist.
.:. Eep!! This kid has way more courage than I ever would in that situation (think 9y/o versus attacking pit bull).
.:. ::shudder:: Just gross...and disturbing. So glad that my job is not to swipe blow-up dolls for forensic evidence...
.:. This is pretty cool...a doctor from Novi, MI may become the U.S. Surgeon General.
.:. $80 million movie complex in metro least it would stimulate the economy...
.:. Just weird...thousands of shoes make the morning commute worse.
.:. Well...I guess that would be cool to find in the estate of a loved one...even if you're not a car person (which I'm not).
.:. Some sketches accidentally found...pretty cool, check it out.
.:. Aww, a flirting class for the nerds!! How cute!!
.:. A museum of failed you think it's going to be as popular as PostSecret?
.:. I would be frantic if I lost my diamond in a museum!!
.:. What a strange little creature...caught on film, too.
.:. Somebody didn't think this one all the way through. ::shakes head::
.:. What a good mule!!
.:. Please tell me, just what made these parents think that the moniker they bestowed upon their child wouldn't cause problems [for the kid]?
.:. Tragic...what possessed him to go to that extreme? Poor kid...
.:. Poor baby...poor kids...why? Just why? I'm sure there were other options...

And last but not least, some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Wednesday One-Liners Win the Door Prize
Conductor: Ladies and gentlemen, please stand clear of the closing doors. If I catch you holding the doors open, I will push you off the train and if you don't die, then you'll have to catch the next one.
-- NJ Transit
...and there are four more one liners...

Wait-- Didn't You Give Your Mom Hoop Earrings for Christmas?
Girl, telling joke: A seven-year-old daughter said to her mother: "Today in school I learned where babies come from."
Mother: "Oh, really?"
Daughter: "Yeah, a mommy and daddy take off all their clothes, the mommy makes the dad happy and his thingy stands up a little. Then the mommy puts the thingy in her mouth and the thingy stands up all the way and explodes, and that's where babies come from."
Mother: "No, honey, that's where jewelry comes from."
Guy listening, with horrified face: Wait a second, my mom has a s***load of jewelry. Oh, godd*** it, eewwwwwwwwwwwww!
Girl: I'm never going to look at your mom the same way ever again.
-- Arthur Avenue

Or We Can See Some Nudity
Poetry slam emcee: Hi, everyone! Wow, what a great turnout...I think you're all Emma's friends. She's first, but we have a great line-up, so please don't leave. Stay!
Emma's friend, sotto voce: Dude, it's a poetry reading, even Emma is leaving unless you give everyone another drink ticket.
-- Grand Street & Driggs, Brooklyn

Which Is Full Of Men I'd F***
Supposedly straight guy from Boston: Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the NFL.
Skinny Asian guy: I don't think he's the best, but he's pretty good.
Attractive, tall guy: He's no Joe Montana.
Supposedly straight guy from Boston: That's bulls***, he's the best ever, and you can't really argue that point. Just look at how many touchdowns he has.
Skinny Asian guy: Man, you are in love with him, it's a little scary.
Supposedly straight guy from Boston (completely serious): I am, I would totally let him f*** me if he would let me hang out with him...I would be the man.
Skinny Asian guy: I thought you were straight?
Supposedly straight guy from Boston: F*** you! I am straight but that doesn't mean I can't bang Tom Brady. I wouldn't give him oral though, I don't think.
Overweight Hispanic guy drinking appletini: Football sucks compared to soccer.
-- 45th & Madison

Sure Hope Carlos Likes Kool-Aid
Black guy: D***! You got a pretty face!
(pretty Latina turns around and ignores him)
Black guy (taking seat halfway down train): Dang! How you going to turn around on me like that?
(pretty Latina ignores him)
Black guy (very loudly): How are you going to turn around like that?
(pretty Latina now looks embarrassed)
Black guy (pulling out guitar from case): This song goes out to the girl with the pretty face! She's over there! With the long hair and the boots!
(people turn and look, pretty Latina looks very embarrassed now)
Black guy (singing to tune of "My Girl"): Come on everyone! Even the white people--join in! (sings) I've got sunshine, on a cloudy day. When it's cold outside, I've got the month of may.
(people start to join in, pretty Latina's friends are cheering and singing)
Black guy (singing): My girl! She's got black boots! The one with the long hair! C'mon girl! If you let me take you home...I'll...I'll...make you some Kool-Aid!
(pretty Latina gets off train)
Black guy: Ah, hell no! (pause). Alright, this one's for the guy with the ball! (pointing to guy with soccer ball under arm) His name's Carlos! He's from Puerto Rico!
-- 2 Train

Wouldn't That Be Statuary Rape?
Guy, looking at Greek marble sculptures: Hey, did you ever notice that a lot of these guys are missing their penises?
Girl: I think that has to do with early Christian sanctions on pagan idols.
Guy: Oh. (pauses) I thought someone out there just had a really big dildo collection.
-- The Met

And Then I Was Like, "Now What?"
Construction worker with Long Island accent: Man, I finally found Waldo the other day.
Construction worker #2: Yeah?
Construction worker with Long Island accent: Tall, striped shirt, weird shoes. And I was like, "there's Waldo!"
-- 2 Train

Wednesday One-Liners Will Swallow for Diamonds
Girl on cell: No, you remember, I'm going to be a gold-digger! It's like a hooker, but smarter.
-- NYU Classroom
...and there are four more one liners...

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