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Friday, January 2, 2009

they don't know 'bout me & you so I got something new to see and you just gon' keep hatin' me and we just gon' be enemies

About three or four months ago, the ex left me a rather mean IM to say that he was just glad that I've never put his name anywhere on this blog. And then last night, he decided to leave me a pretty harsh comment that had both his first and last name on it (and also made it possible for anyone to contact him should they wish to). All I can say is, thank god for comment moderation. I originally enabled it to prevent spam comments, not because I expected to receive anything so negative I couldn't bear to have it on my blog. Before I'd started this, I had thought about posting the comment on here, but editing out his name...but I honestly don't want the negativity. It's not that I refuse to have both sides to the story viewed.

So, in an effort to be fair, I am going to give him the benefit of doubt, and say that what he put in his comment was true (at least, portions of his comment anyway). He claimed that he was alone on Monday night, his girlfriend was at home (supposedly, she's not that type of person...and I guess, that's good to know, at least he's dating a good person ::shrugs::), his friend was out with other friends and his friend's girlfriend was in Chicago. Okay, it's entirely possible that I jumped to conclusions when I saw him walking thisclose to two random girls...but what did he expect when he was walking so close to some strangers? Or when he's been so mean to me over the past few months, even when I leave him alone like he wants? But the rest of text in his comment is either just more mean-spirited words meant to berate me or half-truths/out-right lies.

He asked that I stop talking about him in my blog. So I decided to use the search option just to see how often I've mentioned him since our relationship ended...yeah, umm, the dumb search thing gave me 27 entries. Of those 27 entries, only 16 (there are two .5's since one is about a dream, and one is a repost of a 2005 post...and I don't think that actually counts, do you?) actually contained something about him. That's 16 entries out of 56 (or 28.57%) since the relationship ended. That makes him come across as a tad full of himself. I realize he was looking at this with an RSS feeder, so that means he probably only saw the most recent entries and yes, those were about how upset I got when I saw him. But that's two entries out of a total of 392 posted entries. Pretty miniscule if you ask me.

And, also, he asked that I "stop slandering [him] in [my] blog." Well...seeing how slander is technically the spoken word and everything on here is the written word (libel)...I've never slandered him. But, also, both require malicious intent...and I don't have that. In my [private, unpublished] thoughts, definitely, but in what I put on here, absolutely not. I don't want to make myself look like an idiot by stooping to a childish level. Also, since the first couple lines of the comment pretty much blamed me for his failure to remove my blog from his RSS feed, I'm no longer supposed to put anything on here about how I feel because my feelings are proof of how "crazy and paranoid" I am.'re the one who keeps contacting me out of the blue to do something that you know is going to upset why am I the bad guy?

::sigh:: that I've wasted far too much time on something and someone who I should not have...I'm moving on to something much more positive...

This morning, my daddy woke me up with a phone call to see if I could pick him up from his therapy (he still has those from his accident back in September, but he's improving a lot!! I'm so proud of him!!). After picking him up, we met a few of my dad's friends for lunch. Let me just say, I heart my daddy's friends. The two single ones were asking me about if I had a man in my life (I doubt that the one who even brought it up to begin with had any ulterior motives, he's just that kind of caring guy, kinda like an older brother) and they said that since I'd been accused of cheating, I should've just gone ahead and done it. I just laughed that off. And tomorrow, I may be driving my daddy over to the married one's house for a party...which I was invited to. I've been invited to those parties before...well, kinda sorta anyway. They're just excuses to drink and watch some sporting event...but that's what the married couple says anyway, they never try to disguise it as anything more fancy/dignified than that!!

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