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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

you had me you lost me you're wasted you cost me I don't want you here messing with my mind I've realized in time that my eyes are not blind

I did not need to wake up to the following yesterday morning:
f**91** (12:22:31 AM): I was expecting you to be harsh today ... but good lord not that harsh wtf?! Why so rude? I don't freaking understand, I drove out of my way to bring you your book. [sic]
I never responded to him...I couldn't say anything that I thought of without making myself look really bad. Everything that came to mind was going to make me look like a gigantic b****. So I just didn't respond to him. I mean, what was I supposed to do?

Obviously, he thinks he did me favor...but why does he think flaunting his new girlfriend in front of me would be something that I could handle? Especially when he ended our [three year] relationship over the telephone... I realize to him, none of it meant anything...but that doesn't mean that I've been able to turn off my emotions and feelings so quickly as well. ::sigh:: I just wish that I was able to understand what changed him so drastically...and why... But then again, it's probably for the best that I don't understand him.

Related, but not related...I've finally figured out what to do with all the things that are left over from that relationship as reminders. The Nintendo ds lite, for sure, I'm either going to trade-in at GameStop or sell on eBay since it was a suggestion on the channel 7 news Don't Waste Your Money segment...and then probably the same thing for all of the movies and two of the cds. I figure the majority of cds, I can just either let someone who wants them have them or I can do something really cathartic, like break them. But, I'll probably just give a majority of the items to the Salvation Army...or a women/children's shelter if I can find one around here and they'll take it. Since I think the Salvation Army store is ridiculously overpriced for what it's supposed to be. I think the SA does good, but I don't understand how 'down on their luck' people are supposed to be able to afford the stuff in the SA store. Anyway...done ranting.

But, oh, yeah...I brought this up because Monday night, when I was over my friend's house talking to her, she said that we were going to get rid of the reminders to help me move on. So...I've made a decision. I figured, I might as well make some profit. Originally, I thought that the ex should have been the one to sell the stuff, if at all, but now I don't care since he bought it for me and it's mine to do what I want with it. It's not like he gave me back what I bought for him...true he offered, and I refused it by telling him, I would "just throw it out anyway." Okay...I'm done...ciao!!

Happy New Year!! Be safe tonight!!


  1. Ugh!!! He is trying to make you jealous!!! Was he expecting a reaction from you after he returned his book??? Asshole

  2. I have no clue...but he left that IM for me maybe 1/2 an hour after I put up the a/m and went to bed. That's why I woke up to it...I guess that was a little better than having that stewing in my head while trying to fall asleep though. ::shrugs::

  3. Point is, he could have just dropped the book off at your mailbox.