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Thursday, December 4, 2008

some days I'm a super b**** up to my old tricks but it won't last forever next day I'm your super girl out to save the world & it keeps gettin' better

Today was the last day of orgo lab...and the last day of orgo quiz class. Woohoo!! I'm so looking forward to the end of the semester. I seriously hate that class. I just plain suck at chem. Anyway...all we had to do was check out of orgo lab today, so I was out in ten minutes. That was awesome.

Last night, my mom did my hair for me. It was supposed to be light neutral blonde...apparently, when using something approximately three shades darker than my current hair color and leaving it on for the maximum time length (hey, I had to watch the ending of the Victoria's Secret fashion show on CBS), my hair will turn out a medium brown color. It looks pretty and I like it...but it's so not what is said on the box. But since my hair was so light to begin with, I knew that changing my hair color was going to be a two step process, so I used a demi-permanent color (washes out in approx. 28 shampoo(e)s). So...after I wash my hair a couple of times, it'll lighten up a little. But I plan on either using an auburn permanent color or a darker brown permanent color in the next couple of weeks anyway.

Also, I want to go to the 36th Annual Noel Night on Saturday...but I want people to go with me. Like more people than just my younger brother(s) who seem to be willing to go to anything.

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