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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

come on, get higher, loosen my lips faith and desire and the swing of your hips just pull me down hard and drown me in love

My horoscope from Cosmo for today says...
Libra - Under the touchy Moon you might be too sensitive for your own good today. Consider hitting the movie theater and let Daniel Craig take you away.
Umm...yeah, if I actually had time to go to the movies, that would have been an awesome horoscope to make come true...but sadly, I had class from 9:35a to 7:20p. And I was at WSU for nearly that whole time today. It sucked. I left my house at noon for my second and third classes of the day and was gone for seven hours. Now I realize that there are people who have longer, and more stressful, days, but I was also at school earlier in the day for half an hour. But the trip home sucked due to the semi that overturned and spilled corrosive material causing the closing of I-75 between McNichols and the Davison...and does anyone think that I knew how to get myself home when I was forced to get onto the westbound Davison? If you answered "no," then you are correct! Luckily, I was able to figure it out and got myself home all right.

Woohoo!! I got a check in the mail today! Okay, so it was only for $16.60, but still...I got compensated for my civic duty (otherwise known as jury duty). Which I never mentioned anything about how that went (even though I mentioned getting a letter for it). Obviously since I got paid, I was selected for a jury...but very quickly dismissed. I got lost on my way there (thanks to a big lack of street signs in Pontiac, grr!!)...and again on my way home I got lost. I seriously hope that I never get called for jury duty to the Oakland County Circuit Court again. Not because the experience was that bad, but because the stupid building was so hard to get to and then getting home was ridiculous. But anyway, I got out of it due to the following: my finals were starting on Monday (and there was no guarantee that jury deliberations would be done by the end of the day); I knew someone firsthand with drug troubles; a few of our family friends are cops. As soon as the questioning of the potential jurors was finished, the prosecutor said they'd like to excuse juror #158 (that was me!!). Yeah, as soon as my number was said and I was told that I was excused, I was outta there. And then at noon my name was one of the ones listed as able to go home because they were no longer needed.

Oh, yeah...I seriously think that the Oakland County sheriff's deputy in charge of the metal detector at the entrance hates his life and/or his job because I was calling him "Mr. Crabbypants" (but obviously, not to his face). When I first got there he sent me back out to my car to return my cell phone (when I was around the other people in the jury pool for the day, I saw other people with camera phones, so I was a little annoyed that I had to take my phone back out to my car) and then when I went through the metal detector my belt set it off. Normally, I just get waved through or if it's a big deal, I will get the wand waved over me. Nope, Mr. Crabbypants told me to take my belt off and when I told him that if I took my belt off, my pants would fall down, he told me 'oh, well, do it anyway.' As though I was saying my pants would fall down for the hell of it. Do you realize how hard it is to take a belt off with one hand while trying to hold your pants up with the other hand, but your other hand is also trying to hold your coat out of the way because it's below freezing outside? Yeah...I'm pretty sure I managed to show someone my panties while either taking my belt off or putting it back on. He was a big poopyhead. orgo lecture professor approved my withdraw request. So no more chem 1240 for me!! Unfortunately, I'm stuck with chem 1250 (the lab portion), because I forgot that we couldn't withdraw after the second test and that was last Tuesday. Oh, well... But, I did my quiz essay revisions this evening for my bioethics class, so that's a big help. Now I just have to do well on my final, which is due by 7:20p on Friday. But as soon as I finish my bioethics final and my bio final on Friday, I'm done for the semester because I'm only going to orgo tomorrow morning to get my test and do the eval for my [crappy] professor. Now, to be honest, I don't think that my prof is a bad guy or even necessarily a bad teacher; I just think that he should stick to teaching the grad courses.

I think there was something else that I wanted to add...but now I can't remember what it was. ::shrugs:: Oh, well... It's bedtime anyway...night, y'all!!

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