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Monday, December 8, 2008

ju-ju-ju-just dance wish I could shut my playboy mouth how'd I turn my shirt inside out? (inside out right)

Oh my f***ing God!! Why does someone, or why do multiple someones, keep calling bomb threats for the gen.lec. building at WSU? It's seriously annoying as all hell. Not to mention the fact that it's a crime punishable by...well, quite honestly, I don't know since my Google search was really, really unsuccessful. I couldn't find anything...but anyone monitoring my search is probably going to think that I was planning something really stupid now. Like I really needed that. ::sigh::

Anyway...twice today, three WSUPD officers interrupted my class. This morning, three WSUPD officers came into my orgo class (which I'm curently waiting on my professor to approve my withdraw) to ask a student to pack up his stuff and leave with them. We, meaning the rest of my class and I, have no idea what that was about. My teacher just went back to teaching after the kid left like nothing out of the ordinary had just happened...I was like, 'are you kidding me?' After I looked at my score on Blackboard, I decided to leave and go talk to an academic advisor about dropping the class. Unfortunately, I forgot about my orgo lab lecture professor saying that noone could withdraw from the class after the second I'm going to be stuck with that failing grade on my transcripts. That's a bad thing because med schools average all grades from any attempts of the same course and that is the grade that they use, not the one the undergrad transcripts use (the most recent attempt).

And then the second time today that three WSUPD officers came into my class, was in the middle of my bio test. Yeah, that f***ing sucked and pissed off a lot of people, myself included. My professor was also pretty pissed off because now she has to get another test written and copied (not including the one she has to get done before Friday) so that we can take it on Wednesday and now we won't have any review before our [optional] final exam on Friday. Isn't that awesome? We're technically having three test days in a row. In. A. Row. And my teacher doesn't re-use test questions, that's why we get to keep our tests afterwards. Oh, yeah, and we had a bomb threat on Friday that nearly cancelled class but because we had a test scheduled for today, our class was moved to another building with a lecture hall. We couldn't afford to miss lecture. The poor gen chem class, they had a test on Friday that got interrupted by the bomb threat.

Did I mention that I hate the idiots that keep calling in these false bomb threats? The bomb threat today was the third bomb threat called in for gen.lec. this semester. At least, the third one to close the building for the day anyway. I have no idea if there were others that didn't close the building down.

Okay...I'm done ranting now... Sorry for my outburst. Hope the rest of you had a less stressful day...

[12:01a: edited to add] And oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that the other day (Sunday afternoon maybe?), I added an iLike music player to the right side of my blog...I'm guessing I'll be changing it every once in a while. I don't know yet. I'd say use the rate thingy [to let me know 'yay' or 'nay']...but I keep getting an error message when I try to add those to my blog layout.

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  1. Bomb threats are lame! Reminds me of high school!