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Friday, December 19, 2008

it's a bad day it's a train ride it's a bad day you're my medicine it's a snow day it's a full moon it's a snow day's a snow day. Do you know how I learned that? From an automated phone call from the district...that's what I get for being on my brothers' emergency contact lists. Oh, and the phone call was at 6:25a. Yeah, that was so not cool. I was asleep...and then startled awake by my phone and since it wasn't a name on the caller id, just a number, I answered it. So...I've been awake on and off since then. It sucks. But anyway...

Here's the weekly round-up... (and on-time, too!!)
.:. Wow...are you kidding me? Only 3.6" and it was called a snow day? C'mon now people...we had to get 7.9" today to get our first snow day of the season.
.:. What a reassuring thing to hear from the pilot of your flight: "I'm not qualified to land the plane."
.:. How insensitive...Santa got a parking ticket (he was handing out toys)!!
.:. What would you give up over giving up internet access? Hint: it's a lot more carnal than some would think.
.:. Yay!! At least one of the last things that Bush does as president of the U.S. is a good thing for the country's economy.
.:. Hooray for Secret Santas!!
.:. A gallery of Christmas trees...I prefer a fake tree though, doesn't trigger my allergies then.
.:. Holiday light displays (the last one is the best!)...I prefer the light display just off of 12 Mile at about Washington in Royal Oak.
.:. Umm...why is there such an obsession with virtual bands? ::shakes head:: I don't get it...
.:. Supposedly, these are the 8 best tech things to buy this holiday season...I liked the Blackberry on the list (the ex has [had?] it), but didn't see what the big deal was about the rest of the list...
.:. And then there are the top 11 tech stocking stuffers... I must admit, the chargepod thingy is pretty cool (slide #7 of 13)...but I want the Target gift card featured should anyone be willing to buy me one (slide #10 of 13)...
.:. Lol, now this is just amusing...a hot pink keyboard for blondes.

And here are few things to amuse from Overheard in New York...

Come On--We New Yorkers Have Rules
Crazy 20-something woman, screaming into cell: But where have you been? (sobs) I've been waiting for you. Where are you? (screaming louder) It's been hours, where are you? Where are you? How could you do this to me? Where are you?
(everyone on sidewalk turns around as she passes)
Man: It is way too early for that.
Woman: Yeah, that's the kind of call you make at 3 am, when you're drunk.
-- Taxi Line, Penn Station

Yet a Little Bit Reptar, at the Same Time.
Girl #1: You remember on that cartoon Rugrats there was that monster named Reptar?
Girl #2: Yeah.
Girl #1: I had a dream last night where I was trying to replace the word "cool" with "Reptar".
Girl #2: That's strange.
Girl #1: Yes, yes it is.

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