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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

she’s gonna step outside uncover her eyes who knew she could feel so alive her M.O.’s changed she don’t wanna behave ain’t it good to be a brave girl

So...this was supposed to be what I wrote about back on Monday, but then my plans changed.

Anyway...Wednesday and Saturday nights, I went out with some friends. I already said most of what I wanted to about Wednesday night. All that's really left is that I was kinda weirded out by one of my friends when he was talking to me. At the time, I didn't really think anything of it...but later, after I got home, I was a bit weirded out because I didn't know how he knew anything. It was more the way that he asked me the questions he asked (the wording of the questions) than anything else. But I just didn't know how he knew so much, it's not like I really put anything on MySpace or Facebook. And then the second thing that he asked me, made me question something all over again.

Then, again, on Saturday night, someone was asking my friend about me. Now I was even more weirded out by this person knowing my business than I was by the person knowing (and asking questions) on Wednesday night. My biggest reason for being weirded out was that he and I don't even talk to one another and probably haven't in over a year, maybe even two years.

I guess, maybe I should clarify what I'm saying in the previous two paragraphs. People were asking about me and the ex and whether or not we were still together. I didn't feel like having the whole world know my business, so that's why I never really put anything too obvious on MySpace and I never put anything on Facebook at all about it. So,'s just weirding me out that so many people seem to know just what's going on in my personal life, and I don't even know how many people that is.

Anyway...Saturday night, my friend's boyfriend called one of his friends to come join us at the place we were at. His friend is pretty cute, plus he was a nice guy. And it turns out, my friend's boyfriend isn't a bad guy after all (I never really had a chance to talk to the guy before, so I didn't know much about him) seems like he's a good match for my friend. She deserves that...she's dated too many losers in the past. Although, obviously, my judgement is no better than hers. But lately, she's trying really hard to find me a new guy. I'm not quite sure why...but it's appreciated. She's a good person and a good friend. head is killing me (combination of lack of sleep last night and I stupidly quit taking my Topamax in case of my consumption of alcohol) I need to get to bed. Besides, it's nearly 1:00a...definitely bedtime. I was so enjoying the lack of migraines...having one today for the last nine hours is such a joy. Night!!

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  1. That is weird! How do people know certain things??