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Friday, November 28, 2008

don't like the scene anyhow I dropped acid on a Saturday night just to see what the fuss was about well there goes the neighborhood

Wednesday night, I went out with some friends. For the first time since I turned 21, I was able to do what I wanted on the biggest bar night of the year. Not that the previous two were absolutely horrible, it's just that...nevermind, I don't know how to word that without sounding b****y.

The only thing was, some hillbilly (meh, I know using stereotypes isn't nice, but whatever the guy said he was from TN and his accent was kinda thick) could not take a hint! I wasn't completely rude or anything...but seriously, if I'd wanted to continue the conversation with him, I would have tried a little harder. Anyway, apparently, my friend's boyfriend sent him over to me. I sarcastically thanked him. But seeing friends was a good thing...but unfortunately, because it's been way too long since I was able to hang out with my friends, I didn't know most of the group (that normally goes out together every Wednesday night). And some of the group that I did know, yeah...if I never saw them again, I wouldn't mind. Oh, well...

I just hate that bars make you smell like an ashtray. Any time that MI wants to pass a smoking ban would be awesome!!

I don't know yet...I might go out again on Saturday night. But it's to celebrate someone's birthday, and I don't particularly care for the person (falls under the 'if I never saw again' category). But just getting out and doing something fun, or partially fun, could be a good thing. Meh...I don't know what to tell my friend (about whether or not I'm going).

My Cosmo horoscope from Wednesday said...
Libra - Scour Facebook for the people from your past (exes included) if curious Mercury makes you wonder what they're doing now.
And then this was the one from VSPink...
Libra - Hit the Books You're so creative, Libra! But your less-than-favorite classes need some love too. Join a study group. Make flash cards. Ask your prof about extra credit. Just don't procrastinate or you'll be sorry.
Umm...well, I really don't think the looking at what my ex is doing is the best idea, but the looking for other people from my past wasn't necessarily a bad suggestion. But, yeah...the "don't procrastinate or you'll be sorry" is sadly true. But, duh...that's got nothing to do with astrology. Just poor time management...and not understanding the material [orgo I] in the least little bit (even when I think that I do and manage to do well on the practice problems, but apparently I'm still failing the tests).

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  1. I hate coming home smelling like an ashtray too! It's so annoying! :(