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Sunday, November 2, 2008

she got me speedin' in the fast lane pedal to the floor mayne tryna get back to her love best believe she got that good thang she my little hood thang

::sigh:: I know it's probably a bad idea because I've wanted to major in biology forever (like since 9th, no joke)...but I'm really thinking that I want to change my major. And all just to avoid one, possibly two, math classes. Seriously, I suck at math. Changing my major is not going to affect the amount of chem that I have to take, so obviously that's not a factor in wanting to change my major (the chem req is premed). I like biology, and I didn't choose to major in bio because I thought it would help me get into med school. Actually, if anything, being a bio major is going to be a hindrance because med schools see so many bio and chem majors that the people who majored in something else are refreshing to see. But anyway, I digress, I wanted to major in bio because I like science and I like the biological sciences the most. So, duh, it made sense.

But now, I want to give up on bio because there is no way I can take stats over again (it's looking like I may be taking that over again)...and I really don't think that I can pass with calc II with a decent grade. Hopefully, I can talk to the bio advisor and university advisor during dual advising either this week or next week and get that figured out...because I will probably cry if I have to take stats over again. Especially now that I don't have anyone to help me with the class. And I know that I'll cry when I finally take calc II...since the only person I know who was willing to help me, I have no way of contacting because the ex doesn't talk to me unless he needs something from me.

But...since psych is my second choice in terms of interest, I'm thinking if I seriously want to change my major, then I'm changing it to psych. I mean, c'mon...I've already taken enough psych classes that it wouldn't take me very long to fulfill the requirements of the degree. And then I would just re-apply to WSU after graduating with my bachelors in psych to get my premed prereqs post-bac (and this is only if I don't complete the prereqs before graduating). See...I've got it all figured out... Of course, I just came up with that plan in the last 15 minutes, so obviously it's not all that well thought out. And I only came up with the plan of changing my major because I wanted to see if I could minor in psych, but apparently it's not an option.

And totally unrelated to my education rant...the other day, I was listening to the radio (probably driving over to my dad's house), and Big Boy, the evening dj on 955, said that Plies sounds like the guy in the Hooked on Phonics® commercials before Hooked on Phonics®. It was amusing and made me giggle...but it's nearly midnight, and I have to get up at 7:00/7:30a. So...night all!!

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