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Friday, October 31, 2008

look at the shape I'm in talking to the walls again look at the state I'm in

Since I didn't do it last week, here is the weekly round-up of what caught my interest for the week:
.:. Blah blah blah...
.:. How is (up to) 60 days in jail worth it as opposed to just paying the $745 for the restaurant bill?
.:. And there is the crazy old lady arrested for stealing the kids' football...
.:. Are you kidding me? A hospital bill for a 19 hour visit where a physician was never seen?
.:. Oh, man...that's not supposed to real shooting at the re-enactments of Civil War battles!!
.:. Awww, the puppy dog rescued the kittens from fire!!
.:. Well...that's an interesting order...
.:. As long as you're feeling warm (physically), then you're going to be more generous...
.:. Seriously, it's just a game...crazy lady, but at least she didn't kill the real him.
.:. Umm, just how stupid does he think the court is? A picture next to a foreign newspaper?

I want to go see Zack & Miri Make a Porno (check out the review from Variety). Too bad I don't have anyone to go with. Oh!, and I also want to see Rachel Getting Married. The second movie is why I wanted to go to the movies last weekend...and Zack & Miri is why I want(ed) to go to the movies this weekend... Oh, well...

I want to go to these concerts:
.:. All-American Rejects at St. Andrews Hall ticket info [doesn't exist]
.:. Avenged Sevenfold, Buckcherry, Shinedown and Saving Abel at Eastern Michigan University ticket info
.:. Mudvayne at the Fillmore Detroit ticket info
.:. Hinder, Trapt and Rev Theory at Clutch Cargo's ticket info
Somebody should take me (or y'know, go with me). 'Kay, thanks, that would be awesome.

And now for some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Tonight's Movie: 101 Dildotians
Gay guy, trying on long black fur coat: How do I look?
Girl: Like a gay, Russian Cruella de Vil.
Random customer: I'm gay and Russian. And I wouldn't wear that.
-- Century 21

And My Wife's Ovulation Schedule
Bartender: Stay for another round?
NYU kid: What time do you close today?
Bartender: 4 am, same as every day. I have the schedule right here. I also have the AA schedule!
-- Blarney Bar

Nobody Respects a Wimpy Whiner, Y'know
Teen: I'll get us a cab.
Grandma: Let's just walk, it's only a few blocks from here.
Teen: Are you sure? What about your hip?
Grandma: Well, it hurts, dear, but I'm not going to be a p**** about it.
-- 57th St

Even at Bed, Bath and Beyoobies?
Two-year-old boy, pointing at dinnerware: Boobies?
Mother, pushing him inside shopping cart: No.
Two-year-old boy, pointing at pots: Boobies?
Mother, pushing him inside shopping cart: No.
Two-year-old boy, pointing at woman: Boobies?
Mother, pushing him inside shopping cart: Yes, but that's rude.
-- Bed Bath & Beyond

Explains Why She Always Got Me Blacklight Posters for Christmas
Girl #1: Oh... I love that smell...smells like my grandma's garden.
Girl #2: Huh? I smell marijuana.
Girl #1: Oh... (long silence)
-- Union Square

Who Gets Medical Testing on Vacation?
Four-year-old boy: What's taking so long?
Mom: Well, you know how today you have a vacation from school? Well, a lot of other people have a vacation from work.
(very long pause)
Four-year-old boy: That's crap.
-- Waiting Room, LabCorp in Bayside

Not "I'll F*** You" Good, But Good Nonetheless
Construction worker #1 to hot girl: D*** baby, did it hurt? You know, when you fell from heaven?
Hot girl: (looks back and rolls her eyes)
Construction worker #2: Your name must be Candy 'cause you look so sweet!
Hot girl: (looks back and rolls her eyes again, laughing a little)
Construction worker #3: Nice shoes, wanna f***?
Hot girl (laughs hysterically): That's gotta be the best I've ever heard!
-- 65th & Broadway

Wiisday One-Liners
Guy, getting his hair cut: So I spent $150 more than I would have if I got the Wii in the store, 'cause my wife said, "If I don't get Guitar Hero, I will divorce you."
-- SoHo

Dork: Don't call it a're downgrading my PSP.
-- The Village

Small Asian kid, pounding the computer mouse in frustration: Where the hell is Carmen Sandiego?!
-- Chinese School

40-year-old guy with ten-year-old kid, to GameStop employee: Excuse me, I'm thinking of buying GTA for my son. Is there a way to turn off the profanity?
-- GameStop, Park Ave

Angry guy to girlfriend: Look, I get the whole not wanting to have public sex thing, but I don't know if I can be with someone who won't play Wii.
-- 43rd & Madison

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