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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm a troublemaker never been a faker doin' things my own way and never giving up I'm a troublemaker not a double-taker, every day I get an email from Sittercity...and guess what. The girls' dad is looking for someone to replace me. I found this out on Sunday when I checked my email in the morning and saw the job postings email in the morning. Now, one would think that he would have said something to me about this...but, nope. Not yet. I'm so sick of the lack of communication from his end of things anyway. But...not having a job would totally and completely suck, too. Now, in a perfect world, I would have to be given the minimum of two weeks notice that my job was no more...right? But somehow, I have a feeling that it's just gonna be something like, 'oh, hey, just letting ya know, we don't need ya to get the girls anymore, other arrangements have been made. Thanks for helping out over the past year.''s just that as far as I know, I've been pretty good about following what rules/guidelines both of the girls' parents have asked of me. Both what they ask of me personally and what they ask me to have the girls do/not do. And since they haven't said anything to me about not doing what they would like, it doesn't seem right that would the dad would be looking for a replacement without first telling me what I am doing wrong. But then again, I kind of got the impression when they hired me that they didn't exactly give the previous girl a fair reason for not wanting to work with her anymore. Oh, well...what can I do? Y'know :::shrug:...that's life. It's not like I'm going to let it affect how I do my job. I still think the girls are great kids and all that positive stuff.

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