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Sunday, October 26, 2008

before the story begins is it such a sin for me to take what's mine until the end of time we were more than friends before the story ends

::sigh:: I hate studying. And I have no study skills. Combine the two and here I am. So I took a break and did this. soon as I'm done with it, I need to get back to studying.

Today something is supposed to happen...but I don't really think that it's going to. I think that the person is going to flake out on me. Oh,'s not my problem. Well, it is, but it isn't.

***Spoiler Alert***

1. Holly in San Jose, Calif.: It feels like it's been so long since I've seen Samantha Who? What's the scoop?
Sam is branching out from her parent's nest this year and returning to her old place. What's the first thing you do when you're on your own? Dance naked, come on! And of course, in true Sam fashion, she won't be alone. Sam will soon discover that she can really dance, or at least she used to be able to. Look for Regina Newly's (Jean Smart) infamous nemesis to pop up, played by the infamous Cybill Shepherd.

2. Denise in Corona, Calif.: What's going on with the final season of ER? So sad it's ending!
You're not the only one! My old college pal Linda Cardellini admits she and costar Parminder Nagra spontaneously burst into tears whenever they think about it. But dry your eyes, my dear, because she also thinks this is the greatest season she has been a part of. "There are a lot of people coming back behind the camera," Linda said, "Some of the directors from yesteryear. And some of the old faces from the show are coming back in front of the camera. We have some surprise little cameos in there." Paging Doctor Ross and Nurse Hathaway!

3. Michelle in Albany, N.Y.: So happy Samantha Who? got some recognition last night at the Emmys when Jean Smart won! Spill the scoop please!
An Emmy-winning Jean Smart told me at the HBO Emmy Suite that her character, Regina Newly, will be getting a new job this season. She said it requires her to wear a blazer, so I'm guessing real estate. Or sex change. Or NBC page. Tough call.

4. Mandy in Detroit: How about some Gossip Girl?
I'm hearing that there is huge stuff in the works for Jenny Humphrey. She's going to do something to shock the hell out of Daddy Dearest in the hopes that it will make her young, rich and famous, but it doesn't work out exactly as she'd planned. And yes, it involves Eleanor and fashion, por supuesto.

5. Teresa in Rhode Island: What is the deal with the photo of little Jenny kissing Nate on Gossip Girl?! Is she stealing everything from Blair? Are they actually a couple?
Oh, you mean that eye-popping photo to the left?! Jenny actually has the most outrageous storyline of everyone coming up...Keep reading to the spoiler section. Our wittle girl is all growed up!

6. How about a little Gossip Girl?
Oh, twist my arm! I love that show, and I'm hearing that episodes six through 10 are amazing. The sixth ep is where Serena and Blair go to Yale and get in a physical catfight. (Is it sad that I'm looking forward to this more than any other TV event right now?) Also, Serena really starts falling for Aaron Rose, the artist I told you about whom she knew when she was younger. Looks like S is most def into creative types.

7. Francesca: What's the deal with Jenny and Nate?
It's on! Duh. That photo is no joke. And I can tell you that Jenny is growing up in more ways than one this year. Sources tell me she might be dropping out of school to start a big, fancy career! What will Rufus say?

8. Francesca in Miami: Any word on Top Model? I'm rooting for anyone but Clark.
The more I hear, the more I'm convinced it has to be Elina. I've also heard that Lauren Brie goes far but is a bit...boring. And interesting note on Clark (who doesn't bother me at all!): Her appearance changes a tiny bit and gradually as the season goes on because of something she did before coming on the show. I can't be more specific on this one, sorry, but post your guesses below!

9. Fawn: What we can expect for Sam this season on Supernatural?
After seeing Thursday's episode, "In the Beginning," I think it's fair to say that this season Sam has a problem, and it will be the major arc of the year, much in the way Dean's damnation arc played out through most of last season. It's a bit of a heartbreaker, not to mention practically a love letter from Kripke to all you Winchester-mythology-lovin' fans.

10. Lolo in Paris: Have you any scoop about Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl?
You mean besides the fact they totally frakking rock? Well, according to Leighton Meester herself: "I think Chuck is for Blair just like Blair is for Chuck. They are perfect together. But I think that the whole thing with them is that they fight. If you saw them kissing and making up all the time or being best friends walking around town, it would be kind of boring. But maybe it will work out. I know that there is definitely a lot of back and forth material between them. There's a lot coming." Yay! P.S. There's more Gossip Girl goodness in the spoiler section if you want it, and I know you do.

11. Michelle in Greencastle, Ind.: Need. Gossip. Girl. News. Please.
You know how Serena hooks up with that artist kid, Aaron Rose? Well, Serena's better half, Dan, ends up dating Aaron's ex, Lexi. (Ah, what a tangled social web those Upper East Siders weave.) Also, and this is complicated, so pay attention: Chuck and Blair meet their clones, Chuck 2.0 and Blair 2.0, and end up giving their respective doppelgängers advice on how to hook up with the 2.0 version of themselves. Hopefully in the midst of all that, the original flavors of Chuck and Blair will realize that they are madly in love and will get back together already!

12. Jessica in Manchester, N.H.: Supernatural is ridiculously good this season. Dish?
I agree! Supernatural became downright epic overnight, and I love it. In a midseason episode, we'll meet Anna, whose brain is a veritable wiretap of the angelic realms, and through her we'll learn that the angelic hosts remain deeply fascinated by Sam and Dean.

13. Teddy in New York: Anything new on Gossip Girl? I'm loving Blair and Chuck!
And there's plenty more Blucky goodness where that came from. They'll be circling around each other all season long and giving you at least one good squeal per episode. Meanwhile, keep your eyes on Little J! Matthew Settle (Rufus) told me that Little Jenny Humphrey will do something "jaw-dropping" that makes you question Rufus' abilities as a parent.

14. Mena in Los Angeles: Got any hints on what to expect in season two of Samantha Who?
I ran into Barry Watson at Statement magazine's Fall Guys Event at the W Hotel, and he dished that we'll be seeing a lot more of bad Sam (Christina Applegate): "It's usually always stuff with her and Jennifer Esposito. She's got some Bad Sam stuff that really takes over a whole episode." On whether or not Todd and Sam will live happily ever after, it's not looking too bright in the coming future: "She's been dating a bit and meeting new people, and in the next couple of episodes we're shooting, Todd's going to have a couple of girls that he'll be dating." Also, Todd's finally going to have a friend this season named Seth.

15. Jen in Milwaukee: Got any Supernatural goodies for me?
Look for an upcoming two-episode arc where we'll meet Anna (Julie McNiven). I'm told that Anna is "a haunted girl who, for mysterious reasons, is able to hear the secret conversations of angels in her head. Demons want to capture her at all costs for the enemy intel she can provide," and the boys have to protect her.

16. Sally in Albuquerque, N.M.: OMG! Is it true someone is dying on Gossip Girl?! Tell me everything!
My infallible Magic 8 Ball says: Yes! It's happening in November, and I can tell you that the character who dies is male and that he is a third wheel whose death just might clear the way for a long-awaited couple to get together. I know you can figure this one out if you put your smart little noggins together in the comments section, so have at it, will ya? (Also, um, keep reading.)

17. Hannah in Dayton, Ohio: Hi Kristin! I'm dying here! I need some Gossip Girl scoop to ease my worries! Will Dan and Serena ever get back together?
Not anytime soon, but their parents might...Rufus (Matthew Settle) and Lily (Kelly Rutherford) will get closer, from what I hear.

18. Margo in Atlanta: I'm hating Jenny on Gossip Girl. Will she ever go back to being tame?
Not by a long shot. Dropping out of school was only the beginning, and I'm hearing the words "hostile takeover" are in her future. It happens round about episode nine and will make you feel like you did nothing at all when you were 15.

spoilers are from E! online's Watch with Kristin (1; 2-4; 5-9; 10-12; 13-15; 16-18)

Okay...back to studying now... Ciao!!

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