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Monday, October 20, 2008

hey gotta be strong gotta be strong but I'm really hurting now that your gone I thought maybe I'd do some shopping but I couldn't get past the door

Ugh...I came home from orgo this morning to the following:
f**91** (11:59:34 AM): I didn't change what i was going to school for to f*** with you .... you know why i changed what i wanted to do in life. i ended things becasue i can't make you happy and i'm only going to hurt you more, you didn't cheat on me. You told me yourself, ***** has time for you and I don't, and you have a crush on him, so go for him since I'm doing such a terrible terrible job and he is so f***ing awesome. Way to f***ing bias things in your blog post and leave out facts that make me look like a complete and udder a**, good thing my name isn't in there. [sic]
I tried to stay calm while I tried to defend myself...but I just ended up crying. I doubt he even knows it...or if he did know it, then I doubt he even cares.

::sigh:: I don't think he even read what I actually had written down before he got mad at me. Because this isn't the first time that he's yelled at me for putting my thoughts down. I think that he quickly skimmed the words, saw that I was angry with him and didn't realize that I wasn't truly accusing him of purposely trying to f*** with me, but just that I had written that I felt that way because of how upset I was. Well...I still am that upset...and hurt.

He doesn't get I'm going to constantly have the possibility of seeing him at school or seeing him with some other girl, who's prettier than me, better than me, just everything that I'm obviously not.

And the only reason this other guy even has any time for me is because we're both in the same class!! That means, we have no time outside of it. It's time consuming if you really want to pass it.

But...I have to leave for my bio class or I'm going to be late for my test today...

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