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Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm getting buried in this place I got no room you're in my face don't say anything just go away

Okay, so there was no class this morning (or this afternoon). Which means that I worked my a** off trying to study for my orgo test for nothing. But because of the dumb bomb threat called in to WSU this morning:
Emergency message from Wayne State University:

A bomb threat was received by Wayne State University this morning. Police officers were immediately dispatched to two building sites on campus identified as State Hall and General Lectures. The buildings were evacuated and Wayne State police officers performed a full sweep of the facilities. A second sweep of all sites was performed with bomb sniffing dogs. As a precautionary measure, the buildings will remain closed today (10/31/08).

Wayne State University officials and the Police Department are continuing to monitor the situation.

My professor moved the test to Wednesday...and this most likely means that he's going to add material to the test, too. So having extra study time over the weekend isn't really all that helpful. I'm still doomed to fail!! If only he would give us partial credit on the problems...but instead, if you get something fractionally wrong, you lose all four points the problem is worth. It absolutely sucks.

Oh, and today, the BCBS HQ building in Downtown Detroit had a bomb threat, also, and had to be evacuated. What the hell people? What's with all the bomb threats today?

Anyway...later today, I'll post the weekly round-up.

Happy Halloween!!

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